TFA Interactions

While I've always found the Teach for All initiative(s) to be noble and kind, I've always doubted their systematic impact. Today's thought on this:
[The problem that TFA addresses] is what we call "no process control and no quality assurance," it's an ops problem, and throwing smart young people at it is only the beginning of fixing it. Because at this stage you can't systematically fix things - you're essentially first-recon, but once you get back and go into policy making, and policy audits, there's at least some hope for a "permanent" solution sic. LOL
Wasn't sure where the phrase "first-recon," came from, so I looked it up:
Wikipedia: "The mission of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion is to provide task organized forces in order to conduct amphibious reconnaissance, ground reconnaissance, battlespace shaping operations, raids, and specialized insertion and extraction." - citing NAVMC 3500.55a Reconnaissance Training and Readiness Manual, p 2-2

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