Trollable Consulting

About this article: 'Non-expert' paid RM20mil to draft Education Blueprint
I don't think there's anything that McK or any other consulting firm is doing wrong here. They're providing a service in the market for services, in the function of providing machinated credibility to governments who outsource their content generation. A lot of "consulting," work, including such organisations as PEMANDU, functions as highly-intellectualised public relations copywriting. That's just what the business is about - you help CEOs, goverments, and other managers to defend their actions about their management of stakeholder resources. Whether there is embezzlement or irresponsibility on the part of the client ("organisational leader") is besides the point - clients often pay for advice, frame the advice, hang it on the wall, and never implement it. Consultants are paid to advise, not to implement. If you want a more effective use of money, fire the government.#trollability
If you're wondering why I'm raising this point, it's in response to a number of comments that others post under articles like this. I'm reacting against those comments because it's job application season again, and I'm trying to talk myself into taking the management consulting industry seriously. 7 years on, I still find it a hard sell... but the money is good!

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