What do you miss?

Someone was saying that you miss the feelings that a person gives you, and nothing else about the person. Feelings can be recreated.
Well, I know all that. I can make myself fall in love with an apple whenever I want to. But there's still humanistic value to doing what other people do.

That being said, I probably do mean the person being missed, not the feelings. Since feelings are easy for me to sythesise, feelings are of limited value to me - I have too many already. (People who find it hard to create/edit/delete feelings however, have a hard time getting into the discussion of these things. A lot of people lack the patience to learn how to deconstruct and reconstuct detailed emotions. So they can't.)

What do I miss? I miss the structures of bodies, minds, things like that. Concrete sensations organised in a particular way. But some people, if you tell them that's what you care about them, they don't like it, as they preferred it was the feeling that they made you feel. Haha... market cannot clear.

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