First Encounters with SHB Rio Azul

How we (start to) do stack traces in coffee...

2:00pm: "Salty."
2:30pm: "Fish."
3:00pm: "Salt fish."
4:00pm: "Berry aftertaste. Still salt fish."
8:00pm: "Pourover is also salty."
8:30pm: "HOLY MOLY - look at the %-size variance in bean size. AND THEY LEFT THE PEABERRIES IN THE ROAST... D:"
SCAA coffee grading error rate classification.

Spend enough time doing flavour (dependent variable) profiling of espresso, with water pressure (up to 10 bar; independent variable), and you start to worry about the vapour pressure of every !@#$%^ chemical in your coffee...

... it seems however, that for the most part, pressure simply determines the flow-rate of water through the puck, and that is what we're really trying to control when we pressure-profile.

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