Moving On

No more construction work, and no process in sight yet. Looks like we're back in girl scout mode for a few weeks. Yawn.
I think my job is done. Switching to to a $340/month ops role at the end of the month. Good times. Then I can think more clearly about the future. Too often, one does a bunch of stuff and then thinks, "that's it? I must find something harder."
Napping at non-work. A well-deserved rest if I do say so myself.
Good reminders: "It's more important to do work that's important, than work that's pretty." And, part 2: Q&A.Next month's bartender/barback job probably won't require social media, so this may be the last month on Facebook for a while. Other media, then.

There go the last of my savings. Hopefully this property can finally transact. Hooray for Malaysian infrastructure.

Synesso really needs to up their game in UI/UX. The Hydra's controller makes me feel like I'm driving a sports car via GameBoy :(

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