A Good Day

All consulting job applications bounced. Phew. Due-D done, options further reduced. Till next time!

Freedom is a curse upon the living.

Recently changed my CV copy to demand balance sheet responsibility. Makes me even harder to hire, but I get more study time. :p

Reflections on someone saying that I sometimes give too much credit: Give credit when none is due. Under promise, over deliver. Do work for free. Customise lessons to the student. Be professional. Be kind.

Excursion to LowYat: Galaxy Note (III) 8.0 rm1200. Touchscreen notebooks. And other shit I don't need. Good job world. We've come a long way, baby.

On buying food for the colleagues: Happiness is a warm tummy. Heheh.

I need to print more study material before bed: Falling asleep at desk reading about financial statements. Switching to Haskell-MongoDb and realising that I want the monad tutorial. >_< Haskell typesystem. We meet again. Turning into that guy who studies a database driver for a summer to remember how to use the language that the driver is written for.

Life is good. For a little while.

I miss her but I've got nothing she needs. So I stay away. #emoStory

Gotta open shop in a few hours. First, much driving and sleep. So time to hit the road again... Home. Great day, working to this point of exhaustion, but it is dangerous. I have almost lost fingers and killed people by accident before.

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