Deep exhalation.

Two new business meetings and some social stuff over the next coupla days.

Outstanding response to request for proposal from a philanthropic F&B financier who wants to help people who want to change their lives by owning a business - the mismatch I feel, is that I will never lose sleep over not-owning a business.

Software development studies all up in the air - latest work on esoteric language study, implementing some very basic web infrastructural tools just kinda sitting on a shelf since May.

Math & stats studies all down in the doldrums - having strategically focused first on the software toolkit for the past few years (see above).

Social life virtually non-existent outside of work, cybersports, and one not-for-profit project for the past coupla years (this is somewhat intentional).

Deep exhalation. Sometimes it feels like I deserve all the negative criticism that I put up with.



Two days later.

Long day, but three meetings with good contrast. First was to open up a new business development channel for general consulting work. Second was to visit a friend in the industry, and to sample his wares. Third was a social meeting over Ender's Game.

Then the long drive home. If I didn't have a day job, I'd be staying up to write code, but given that I need to get used to leaving home by 7am, I'm just going to do some reading, then go to bed.
Reducing social distractions which were required to keep me from quitting the last project. Since I've already quit the last project. :)

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