Coffee Cupping & Double-dipping

Someone needs to popularise a cupping protocol that doesn't allow double dipping.
it's considered "normal" for cuppings to involve the following (in a less orderly fashion):

Cycle 1.
1.1. Everyone has a spoon (or a few spoons).
1.2. Everyone's spoon goes into a cup for the first time, let's call it cup A.
1.3. Everyone's spoon touches their respective lips during sipping/slurping/sucking.
1.4. Everyone rinses their spoon in a common bowl of clear water.

Cycle 2.
2.1. Everyone's spoon goes into the next cup, let's call it cup B.
(continues until everyone has tasted all the coffee)

At step 1.3., each spoon has been in direct contain with thousands of bacteria, virii, etc.

At step 1.4., the common bowl's water now potentially contains the sum of all the germs above.

At step 2.1., we actually introduce trace particles of flavour from 1.4. along with all the above germs into cup B.

By the time we've reached step 2.4. everyone effectively has been exposed to everyone else's germs.

It's not rocket science. It's just normal in the coffee cupping community...

... anyway, if I were to stay in this industry, someday I'd like to be able to afford a cupping setup with zero double-contact situations for transmission of germs and/or particles. I suppose the short-term solution is just to have hundreds of spoons. LOL
Autoclaves. That is all. But my boss would laugh at me. Haha.

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