Day Off

Done with industry networking. Mid-afternoon. Back to books in the absence of social life. Or computers, as the world these days would have it. Getting into linguistics. In order to understand programming languages. In order to test models of cognition. In order to be entertained.

All day, tactical decisions revolve around the following balance.
Choose: stress, or boredom?
Work week begins in six hours, one shift early. Scheduling volatility - new company, business as usual.
Top mandates to address at work:
(i) increase contrast between brown and white regions (latte art)
(ii) increase symmetry (latte art)
(iii) reduce complexity of drawings to increase photogenic distance range of (i) and (ii)

Top mandates to fix at play: thoroughly revise Haskell's monadic types and type system usage.
Ops discipline is failing. There is a plan. Back to the plan. To bed, to bed.

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