Getting Sorted

Money work: I meddled with my colleague's coffee calibration right before we got six orders, and regretted it. So, my hypothesis that it's inefficient to mess with other people's calibration unless it has been lost due to bean-environment-interaction is, so far, upheld. Need to do less of that in the future. Even if encouraged to do so. Aside, cursory benefits of working in F&B include having your upstream vendor's CEO drop by to see what your ops are doing with his stuff, then have him start to argue that what is being tasted is not like grass... but like hay.

Pitching work: Didn't put anything on paper, but at least I readied the XLSX files for modelling the kopitiam2.0's finances. Also tried to rope in a local content specialist for a newsstand2.0 annexe to the kopitiam2.0. We'll see where that goes. I.e. today, grandstanding > financial planning.

Hobby work: reviewed the Haskell-MongoDB software pairing that I was working on a few months ago before taking time off from that to focus on the coffee shop client. Seems like not much has changed in the programming languages world, in six months, except that Scala's popularity seems to have popped - probably due to the TWTR's IPO... up 80% now, good for y'all who bought some. Things I should read, which I don't immediately have time to (perhaps time to get a tablet again):
(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_single_assignment_form
(2) http://info.10gen.com/rs/10gen/images/MongoDB-Performance-Considerations_2.4.pdf

Reflection: time for !@#$%^&* bed... got an opening shift in the AM.

Realestate: I really need to get an update from my lawyer. :(

The next day:
9 hours at the farm.
Clock out on the dot.
See colleagues - delete.
See hot bod in pumps - delete.
Going home.
Pursuing open opportunities.
Fighting traffic.
Going home.
Relearning Vim, Ubuntu, Haskell, Cabal, GitHub, MongoDB after 6-7 months of inactivity. Sigh. And Markdown.

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