Google "apps"

Such a pleasant day. Nothing to worry about. No crashing web applications. No weird new languages. No crises at work. No operations falling over. No responsibility. Just wash dishes, follow house rules, and go home. I wonder how long this will last.
All my application letters read like this. :-S But honesty is still the best policy, I find.


While there seems to be just one job offered by X in Y that both interests me, and does not disqualify me based on minimum requirements, there seem to be a plethora of jobs available in Z.

However, I am still not exactly sure how how my diverse experience and generalist interest are best suited to serving X operations. So I must again, state that it would be nice if we could have a chat about where I might best fit in.

The five jobs I have included in this job cart are merely the first five which interested me at the Z office, which did not disqualify me based on minimum requirements. I remain open-minded and curious to know where YOU would see me delivering the best value for money, to X.

I have ten to twenty years to commit to a project, and would be willing to consider a career at X, should one be available.

And now that PWC has dragged Booz's branding down to its level... I guess we're going to see a massive pop in the supply of consultant job applicants over the next few months...

... not that I would know how any of this really works.

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