Heroes and Anti-Heroes

If you want to be followed, save the world and tell people that you did it because you cared about them.

If you want to be ignored, save the world and tell people that they should have done it themselves.
Or perhaps do the Dark Knight thing, and get yourself framed for causing the problem. :)

More reflections on work in the world:
Pay attention to your work. Be compassionate and kind. Be humble, be brave, and kick ass. :p

Some may be a mensches, doing the best work. But maybe they giggle, and giggly people get you down. Evade. Life's too short for toxicity.

Avoid the slings and arrows of unreasonable people. Dirt begets dirt. Too many generations between rocks and computers. Yet, the same thing.

Always fun to watch disgustingly managed work - and to be able to sigh in relief when it's not yet my problem. :)

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