Noob Guide to Ordering Espresso-based Drinks

[...] espresso coffee goes out of whack really easily, and the process of getting it back into whack is called "calibration". On the other hand, it can cost RM2-40 and 2-20 minutes to execute a recalibration, so if you're going to demand that the barista at your fav[ourite] espresso shop does that... you'd better have a good reason to do so.

Please do specify what's wrong with the drink: "is it too sour or bitter?" is probably a good place to start. If the house doesn't agree with your taste, at least they can try to pull you a shot that you'd prefer - if they're that sort of house.

You can go study common vocab for third-wave coffee flavours at your next er... break... or something. Haha.

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