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It's my weekly day off from work, and I am driving to meet my housing loan officers while thinking about life.

It's kinda cool to have reached a point in life where every meeting with someone else is a business meeting. It makes me feel all grown up.

I gave up dawdling with friends over casual conversations many years ago. Nevertheless the opportunity cost of neglecting random interactions with other people is considerable, so recently I switched myself into a job where social interactions are part of the role's responsibilities. Now outside of my job, I am either trading something, or discussing prospects for trade, everytime I meet another person.

Dating. Do you know what you're looking for? Yes? Can we determine a mutual match? Ok, let's try that. You don't know what you're looking for, or it's a feeling that you can't control? I'm sorry, it doesn't seem that you know yourself well enough for us to be able to strike a deal.

Moving on. And always moving. I don't suppose it's the life for everyone. Then again most informal chats are information trades. Hehe.
Eight years out of college and people think I'm an ideas guy. Which is strange, given that I mostly work on the implementation of other people's ideas (and spend my free time implementing my own ideas).

I suppose it is because I tend to work in companies which are branded as having a competitive advantage due to the quality of their ideators - professional services, new business models in old markets, old business models in new markets, etc.

Oh well, whatever. You dream, you pay me, I get it done. LOL.

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