Dating Profile Update

OkCupid now reads:
The paradox of looking for people who like work, and abhor vacations, is that you'll rarely have time to meet new ones for dates.

Love and sex. Hmm. I relate to both as matters of practical convenience, which must add value to the overall operation of our lives.

I enjoy kinesthesia, and studying/optimising the supply chain between food, sleep, and human performance in general. Compatibility of our physical habits is probably most important to me - we need to enjoy eating, sleeping, and working out together. Beyond that, having anything else in common - e.g. conceptual interests ("stuff to talk about"), cultural preferences ("fashion", etc.), social circles - while nice to have, are relatively unimportant to me.

I'm not into escapist fantasies, emotional dependency, or undefined relationships for the most part. I have an active, diverse, and stable emotional life. Some company, however, would be pleasant.

MBTI type: INTP (often playing ISTP because it's easier to communicate, and ESTJ at work when I have to pick something more marketable...). I agree with: http://markmanson.net/6-toxic-habits TMI: http://about.me/jerng

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