To-date I haven't figured out if I'm permanently depressed, and fine with it, or not. Which means, I'm probably not. I guess that makes me cynical, as someone pointed out when we all first met in 1999. Little time for losers.
Three rules for competitive success: work more, whine less, and don't hang around with people who don't follow the first two rules.

But none of this matters, if you don't really care for competition.

0615 first alarm of the day;
0900 actually get up;
1030 arrive office; study;
1500 shift starts;
0015 last customer leaves;
0100 leave office;
0130 arrive home;
0149 need to shower and hit target bedtime of 0200... rinse and repeat! :)

This is the good life.
Curating low emotional volatility is good and healthy, but on the down-side, you have little context with which to empathise with folks who have high emo-vol.

One way to go about almost never having a bad day is to set low expectations. But that doesn't get you any fans from the crowd with high expectations. I suppose the hack-around is to give as much face as you can afford to, and then to just give up.

Perhaps I need to have more of my days ruined. More math required.


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