Heads, Hunted, Laughing

Reminding myself that I'm probably a bit hard on headhunters, but you never know what's out there.
1. [recruiter] looks like a lobby/PR/consulting firm that takes fees for the delivery of client agendas. It will be interesting to see if they are really into data driven research, or if they selectively read data in order to deliver on mandated agendas. If it is the latter, then it is likely that even if I joined the company, I would be a huge pain in the ass to some people - hence not a good fit from the beginning.

2. As far as being a data analyst or programmer is concerned - I'm probably underqualified in formal terms. I'm probably over-qualified in the generalist aspect of the job, since I both know how to influence people with verbal communications, as well as read code and process data with machines. We'll see if there is any mutual interest between them and myself.

3. I'm afraid we don't have any professional history of work together, so if they do ask, I will inform them that we once lived in a flat together, and that's about it. :)
Up, fool, up. Ignorance is waiting to consume you.
Hate talking to startups about work. Always get asked to lower my prices. Never sure why anyone would want to pay me enough to join them anyway.

Ok. Escapism. Sleep.

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