Notes at Work

... and ensuing conversations.
0. Pay 70% of daily sales to buy a plate of breakfast? fergettit.

1. Heard ex-client had some good news. That made me happy.

2. Social media professionals really need to know how to articulate their value-add to top/bottom lines - or to quit calling themselves professionals.

3. It's amusing when two acquaintances who seem to have similar interests and physical conduct, seem to get along with each other.

4. It's past my bed time, and I need to get to the office ASAP to resume studies.

"physical conduct"
The only way to talk about people without pretending to understand them speech patterns, posture, reactions to stimulus etc.

Brings to mind a funny story:

- I once went out with someone, and after a week was asked what I saw in her, and I said "the clothes you wear, the house you have, the car you drive," and she cried. And then I was more in love with her.
It's sad when people put so much effort into their expressions of preference, and when you point it out, they go ballistic. Come on!

- Definitely not the answer she was looking for. But I avoid patronising people by pretending to understand their data.

- Which makes it really funny when people think that the problem is me being patronising. Hahah. That just happened at work recently.
The definition of patronising is to give a nice answer instead of the answer that you know will be painful. The opposite of patronising is to give direct answers. It is strange when folks define it otherwise.
Day off on Wednesday, means aiming to get up as early as possible and go to the office to get lots of studying done. I love my life. Come by and hang out. And maybe drink some coffee.


The following Friday:
Late again. Ignorance wins today. Then again, I think I can squeeze in 60 minutes of study before my shift begins. Fire it up.

Update: scratch that - business meeting just got scheduled 60 minutes before my shift starts. LOL. It's a good thing that my studies mostly involve pattern recognition skills that can be thought about in the absence of reading. The rest is just hammering the brain with the writing style of mathematicians, I suppose. If history behaves like the future, then it's a matter of weeks/months/years before I get really good at this.
Saturday - doing math proofs in the Mira; rainy wait for the noodles at the Teng shop on Tengkat Tung Shin, during meal break at work. Achievement unlocked. Sunday:
Late. Haul ass. Squeeze in an hour of study, maybe. Breakfast first. Nasi kandar as usual.
Off day. Study math at cafe. And try to minimise kaypohing with the calibration.

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