Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas, may Christ be with you, and a Happy New Year!

I don't celebrate much, myself, but I'll wish many people well this season, as I know it'll make them feel better.

Late. I'm always tired after a little work - I tend to give myself the excuse that it's the sort of work I do. Anyway, off to make some money... mostly, I don't expect to get more than an hour's work done today, before my shift starts.

Xmas eve:
Got pestered by boss to close shop early. Drove 13 miles home on wet roads. Lifted weights. Did laundry. Evaluated resources. Good day. Same shit, different day. :)
Back to work. God, I need to figure out how to use MathJax or equivalent, offline.
Late. Plan: shower, spring clean, feed, go earn my 50 bucks/day - worry about studying later. :)


Interesting day. Perhaps I should continue working out before work, and studying after, instead of the other way around.

Got scalded by 90+ Celcius water, but managed not to drop a brewing vessel. Met a chap from Koppi, where they roast very nice coffee. Got to brew my first two Stumptown Coffee Roasters pour-overs thanks to [colleague]'s sister. Learnt that we are underextracting the espresso blend via uber-long preinfusion (and I want to jack up the temperature some more tomorrow). Overall, a moderately busy day. We almost sold out of cake.

1:30am. Study time!
Boxing day:
Spent too much time on the monkey bar. Latte art wobbly at the coffee bar. Despite weakened state, managed not to get mugged, jacked, or raped, so I guess it was a decent day.

Wage work delivered. Back to studies. For a while.

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