Sleep Tweaks

0400: Circadian moving later as expected, due to recent assignments. May skip sleep and get up at first alarm (0615) to run an errand..This one is a year in the making - a thankless commitment -I need to return some keys. Then probably off to the office to study and nap.

1230: Circadian not so bad. Got in before 5am, and out by noon. Need to crank it back 3-4 hours, but we're doing ok. Time to feed, and hit the road! Whee!

Got in 90 minutes before shift. Had time to reqd and nap a little.

Aleph-null, the cardinality of the continuum (C), C^C, (C^C)^(C^C)... etc.

Code-switch to grindsize and other extraction parameters, pushing buttons on foodie brains in 40 minutes.

The next day: Late. Off the the pleblands. Where we turn our meat to the business of feeding itself.

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