The long-form publishing industry will go the way of coffee. Third-wave publishing means curators matter most. Too much chaff.

Dependency hell. It's days like this, that I wonder if I should have just majored in CS and gotten it over with.

Emo American radio.

Abdomen hurts. Probably should eat now.

The next day: At MBC, the coffees, not the fruit. 10'x8' projection flashing ads non-stop, and no CCTV close-up of the competitors. So confused.



Today I referred to the fact that a girl has to get away from guys, to hang out with other girls, to talk about girl stuff, as the douche/bag paradox.

Jargon, while unnecessary for ops, is necessary for marketing a biz, to both consumers and investors. #sociolinguistics #marketing #api

Tired. These few years have been draggy. Betting on a stabler routine, soon. Dum dee dum. Groceries. Then code for the evening.

The next day: Bed time. So much left to do.

The day after: No meetings today. Yet. Back to the editor.

Language design can be such a chore.

What's there to cheapen? It's political discourse. (On asking politicians if they prefer top, or bottom.)

There are some who cannot escape their empathy, and some who can. I suppose.

For Earth Hour... I am thinking of getting in my car and driving to town.

Started using GitHub + Twitter. Feeling like a realllsssoocial coder now... -_-

Learning a huge new language when you're 29 kinda sucks ass. Nah, it sucked ass at 6 when I had to learn Chinese, too. And it sucked ass at 9 when I had to start properly learning Malay. What can I say... I guess I got used to being a language bitch. Of course I'm talking about Haskell ; not work, which has been selected to be relatively straightforward, for now.

The day after that: Working alone is the most difficult scenario for avoiding burn out :P



Ok - I got hold of some chicory coffee, and it tastes like a roast turnip. Not a bad thing - just the first thing that came to mind. I need to increase my diversity of vocabulary for describing herbaceous flavours... had a really woody Honduran in SG, but I'm sure it should have been described with cloves and cinnamon or something :P

50%-grain coffee - 10 second steep - two tablespoons to the mug - light and cheerful.



Uptown SBUX. 5.5 years ago I sat here with a laptop helping a startup. Now, doing the same with another. It feels the same.

Over years, we change our memories by thinking about them. The more I think about my past, the less I trust my memory.

Shit. Wednesday is pasar malam of death night. Going to eat and work in Bangsar till late. McDonalding in Bangsar... with decent music, and a view... cleaning code... again...

Missing my baby tonight. Will make do with the editor...

MAYBANK2U further disabled keyboard form submissions?!

The next day: Uploaded a bunch of old studies while I was at it... finally becoming a proper GitHubber.

The day after: Sent car to get the starter changed. Biked out to ATM. Wonder if there's a metal shop nearby.


Malaysian Wussies

Sometimes folks complain that most of the talented people have left the country.

Fuck that shit.

Malaysia's political culture has unfortunately built, from its inception, a nation of defeatist, defensive, dawdling, whinging poms. Doesn't help the talent pool one bit. The end result tends to be, that trying to push people harder to get things done, tends to result in pricked egos and emotional mess. A total bunch of wussies.

Fortunately, not everyone's like that - it's just a national tendency.

Haskell on Hell

I renamed the toy web-development framework that I am building, again. From DumbFuck, to Doof, to Hell.

Haskell on Hell: Haskell with fewer questions - it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Moving on.

Refactoring. Cleaning up the namespace. When a language gives you 4-5 ways of saying the same thing, figuring out how to say it quickest can take a while... -_-

Just discovered the MissingH package.

Did a lot of cleaning (code) today. Bed time. Meeting in the morning.

Screwed up. Was late.

Back to cleaning code.

Revision: "let... in..." is an expression; "... where ..." is just an extension of a declaration. I need to review expression vs. declaration style definitions more.

Here's another confusing part: parentheses in Haskell have a least three contexts: (i) syntactical grouping of expressions, (ii) semantic notation of a section (a partially augmented function), and (iii) notation of tuples. This is to my noobish eye. It's probably less than that, since some of these contexts are probably related under the hood, in the semantics of the AST. Or just in the user level of the language, whilst I fail to grasp it.

2013-03-21: Starting to feel a bit more relaxed, after a few days of refactoring code. Still a long way to go, but at least it's prettier now. Many tricks unturned.

I think it's time to learn how to use GitHub again. There we go.

2013-03-23: Working on the passage of data from Controllers to Views. Enough headache, that the job is not enjoyable. To distract myself, trivially, I think about how much effort the product will save me in the future. If ever.

Learnt how to Tweet GitHub commits. Gratuitous, but that's life on the Internet.

Taking a gander at ThreadScope and related subjects.

Er.. profiling a Haskell web application, with ThreadScope, in case you lack excitement in your life.

2013-03-26: Hammered in a broad data structure to document all activity between Request and Response. Time for a break, and a work out.

2013-04-02: Tried home-brewing a nested polymorphic key-value map, and figured I might as well go with BSON instead. So I guess that takes me back to MongoDB, the first (and to-date, only) database that I have studied in Haskell.

Seeking routine

Up. Reading for coffee. Coding for fun. Standing by for emergencies.

Lunch. Weak coffee. Reading up on Malaysia's limited liability partnerships.

Reading the definition of #tort.

#act743 #myllp so how exactly does one certify an electronic true-copy?

What are a Hindu Joint family's privileges, by Malaysian law? Income Tax Act refers to it - looks interesting.

It's been fun doing technical reading on tax provisions and minimisation, but I think we need to focus on ops until we turn a profit :P

Today's charity mission reported back - everyone's been giving them the evil eye. LOL. What a town. What, a, town.

Mein Haar #manicBiographies

Dusk. What now? Groceries? Exercise?

A little upper-body work-out. Shower. Coffee. Maybe some coding now.

This Klang-roasted 50% GRAIN "coffee", brewed ~30 seconds, cloth sieved... tastes like smokey toast, with a lovely acidity. Perverse?

New cultures are created not arbitrarily, but in order to reframe human limitations. Coffee is just a special case of gustation.


Motivating: Humans, Being

Love. Money. Respect. Math. Some people pick one, and treat all others their means.
So, that was actually a typo - from "as means," but it makes sense, upon reflection, "their," refers to the one end.
Within the constraints of any projects, for example: a life.

Only, the indecisive amount to nothing. Everyone else is remembered, at least for trying.
Post roadtrip aphorisms, lol... was on a pre-incorporation business trip, we're still trying to figure out the team...; home sweet home, after a four day "business" trip. Mega storm must have tripped the switchboard breaker. Had to clear out the fridge :( ; got some coding done, just a little amidst multiple distractions. Off to bed after hanging the laundry.
Monday. Still alive. Shower, breakfast, CATCH UP ON CODING, about dinner time, go to work, do coffee shop stuff.

Learning to run GHC with -Wall and -Wall flags, to complain more strictly, and to fail on all errors respectively.

Not sure if I'm overloaded with details, or just underfueled. Hmm. Off to pursue the wages.

A good day at work. Pleasant conversations. Chats about hiring. I always make interviewees build something at the interview. Then I can see how they think.

Got a little coding done. Bed time. (I'd start buying AAPL calls again, if I wasn't busy on a budget. LOL)

Interviewing potential employers: I don't test for salary information - I test for information about the work+team. Based on that, I'm usually quite blunt with my salary requirements, which are usually above market if I don't think I will like the work+team, and below market if I feel that I will like the work+ team.

2013-03-25: Some are driven by sentimental, life defining, moments. I have had no such events so far - perhaps one day, a harder knock on the head.