Democracy - Later, Thanks.

I know folks are cheesed when I tell them I am a registered non-voter. We have each our cares and worries. Mine are not for democracy.

And guess why I don't feel worried about democracy? Because it's got all of you worried already :)

Yawn. I've been following this topic for 15 years. Nothing new mate, I am happy for you all to go ahead and run this country for me.

Without putting too much thought into an aphorism that actually makes sense: Indirect democracy is like design by committee. I value the effect, not your opinion; go run the country, don't tell me why you did it.

Absolving myself of responsibility, going into a long slack period... wheee...

There comes a time when I just feel like walking away from a deal, just because there's no formal, or other good reason to stay. Just, letting, go.

One thing's for sure - in terms of educational trajectory, I'm deep in the category I aimed to acquire 8-9 years ago. #littleVictories Small business dynamics. Not doing too bad on the stuff I targeted to learn as of 4-5 years ago, either... computational stuff.

(This is totally random, but once upon a time I tried to learn Haskell and its Mongo/Bson library at once... it was hard... today I figured out that the stock library is written in a totally unHaskellian fashion. FML. Saturday 10pm. Just figured out that learning haskell-bson was hard because it was all coded wrong. What to do next? Drink? Smoke? Fuck? (Basically almost all the lookup functions fail to error - or is it supposed to be like that, just a low-level way of doing things?)

Given that I ignore much of the advice that is given to me, I suppose life's fair... hehe.

I've spent a lot of my 20s turning away good money... lots, and lots, of money. I wonder if it's a positive exercise, or just denial.

Ah, serialised Bson session cookies. This web app dev framework is finally getting somewhere...


How Far the AAPL has Fallen

Seriously, has no one else claimed this headline? LOL

F&B giggle of the week... a cigar lounge with a BYO-pole-dancer policy. Poles provided.

Everyone I talk to seems to fight idiots at their workplaces, but no one will speak of it to any other. So many secrets. When I run teams, you fight, in the open, with sticks... fights are promoted, secrets fired.

Twitter: That's a fucking brilliant idea... a Jesus film with guns and shit... just move it up a coupla thousand years... I basically want a Lou Besson version with fast cars, modern science, etc...

Wondering if I should just forget setting up an investment fund for friends and family... I really just want to get back to studies.

Hmm. GitHub for Windows is pretty fancy.

458 pages... Income Tax Act, you fucker...

Ebert is dead. Public holiday.

Chickening out of running the investment fund. Going to focus on stuff in control, like studies. :p

LinkedIn endorsements: this is why I don't have a LinkedIn account anymore. It's not that I don't want votes. I don't want votes from plebs...

Cursory Readings on Human Rights in Malaysia

less well known:

more obvious information:



Hmm. Too much protein in blood to sleep. Back to coding. This lack of routine is killing me :P so much for a nice quiet job in F&B.

Six more months before we get over this quandrennial nationalist bluster. #bubarlah #tolongjanganbisinglagi

Sometimes, I wonder where I'd be if I cared more about having bitches, cars, and drugs, than about mastering information science. TBH, I don't really care for subject mastery - it'd just amuse me to make it obvious to everyone else, that minds are simple fuckers.

Jammed Bson into #Hell... probably going to use it everywhere. Dirrrty. Coffee in TTDI.

Restaurant design: Malaysians definitely bred to be xenophobes. So you have to spoonfeed them with familiarity, or risk being ignored. ID can be cheap, or pricey, but must be familiar.

Met with two suppliers, two capitalists, a regulator, and a future partner. Not bad for a down day.

Did the math a few days ago - I'm like three cafes away from actually making a decent living out of this :P

Cleaned up some code. #Haskell on #Hell is turning into a little DSL already. #bson "prelude to hell" haha. Time to focus on incorporation for 1-2 weeks.

Tough Sell on the Art Market

Potential investor: Why haven't the entrepreneurs done XYZ for N?

Agent: Well, they're not smart enough to do XYZ, but they have better taste than you in N, and they're willing to do ABC for N, which they believe is more important than XYZ for N... and they're probably right.


Merger Talks on April Fools' Day...

... just feels weird.

Sorry mum. Not adding you on Facebook. No joke. You're annoying :P

For April Fool's day, I have decided to vote in the upcoming general election...

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

Don't bother. They will hate you for it :P

Green lit. Next coupla days is just gonna be stitching contracts full of options together. And then trawling through MOF tax stati -_-

Interesting observation. Given that my primary interest is taking confidence away from people, it seems likely that I will be able to balance my hobbies with work in entrepreneurship, where giving confidence is said by (Roman Stanek) to be the primary factor of success. Perfecto!

The next day:
Caught up on sleep. Passing on a JD for media / PR director at a MY hotel group. Time to feed. Then crunch contracts. SBUX americano giving off a strong cinnamon aroma today... #heresy More like clove, actually. Drafted my first LLP partnership agreement today. Now to ping-pong with legal counsel. Time to do some coding before bed!

"It works... bitches..." Great theatrical value. Unfortunately, Dawkins' is a pop philosophy... despite being one of the more rationally sound ones... lol but I guess there's only so much analytical detail that plebs can handle...


Mnemonic Training

Two representations of content in long-term memory, the familiar, and the understood? You should try this: avoid senses of familiarity, and switch tracks as soon as you get the sense that the "understanding" part has gotten well on the way to long-term memory. Awesomely efficient, but people start telling you that you're a bit of a robot.

Up. Still short on social stimulation. Part of my brain is dying. Where to work today? When I'm only working on private projects, like studies, I don't really need the social stimulation, as the target is concise, and fairly self-contained. When I have my time divided between private, and social projects, I feel the need to retain some sense of familiarity with local society, so that I retain an affinity for my social work.

Many folk stick with what they like. I tend to avoid habits. So choices are completely random... or progress through a broad schemata. There's various domains of course. For me, most commercial interaction, food, exercise, etc... are just infrastructural activities to maintain a certain level of mental performance. So I just try to optimise the hell out of it, because I don't want to be fussy about tastes there.

Also, I realise that most people don't choose their daily actions based on a 70-to-90-year timeline. As for myself, given that that's the probable duration of my project, I figured that the third and fourth decade might as well be for pursuing high-risk projects in order to research the market of global opportunity. Again, some people think of "global" as "international" - I tend to think of it as "humanly possible".

Indulge in irrationality? All science contains a significant degree of uncertainty. Why add some more? Uncertainty is the same as irrationality, I suppose, in the broad scheme of things. But of course, that's an imprecise statement. More so if you are a mathematician - then again, many mathematicians might disagree with my use of language.

Ah, Sundays.

Reading RFCs on a Sunday... ah, well... http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616#section-2.2

Bored. Standing by for havoc in a few months. Focusing on the things that matter. Studies.

If I ever make money, one day, I'll pay people to fix broken things, like Malaysia. But my own time is for more abstract problems.

Experimenting with a sort of nestable dynamic map in #haskell... [Text,(ByteString,Char)] ... #probablyABadIdea

Good study progress on Sunday. Sleep. Meeting in a few hours.