Pressure Profiling

Haven't had caffeine today. Tunnel vision is off. But heading to TTDI, and that's about to change...

Almost done reading God in a Cup.

Officially run out of steam for hacking Haskell on Hell. Need to switch tracks for a bit, to accumulate a larger sense of urgency.

Studying the monad wiki.

I am guessing that pedagogically, the Krypton monad, or Matrix monad, or XYZ-Fictional-World monad, might be useful. I mean, you know, in Nochnoi Dozor, there's a Twilight monad... and of course, Inception has a Dream monad...

(Ok, so today I'm transcending into a fairly decent understanding of (functional programming's): monad, additive monad, fmap, join, return, etc. Yay.

Ah, so Haskell's list comprehension notation de-sugars into do-notation for the List monad... shit, then they generalised list comprehension notation into a monadic comprehension notation with a GHC extension. Brain freeze.


Get up, Trinity. Get up.

Traffic jammin' to emergency meetings.

A long fast, then black coffee before breakfast. it's turning out to be a strange day.

Omg... list comprehensions in Haskell are so much more transparent once you figure out that they mask do-notation and the List monad.

It may be that once I make eye contact with beautiful women, I prefer not to disengage, so usually I just avoid it... lame, some say? I think it's lamer to seduce women, and then leave them hanging when priorities like work take precedence. Oh well. One picks the life worth living...

Napping in between coffees.

Getting around to the Haskell Typeclassopedia.

So many colleagues came from poverty, and seek their fortunes in suit and tie; like my folk/s; I wonder if their kids will be like me.

Did not feel like a productive day. But, I think I read a lot of new stuff... come on brain, refactor...


Rainy day

Urgh. My car is dying :P and I hope I can get it home tonight and to the mechanic in the morning.

Dear god, anything, anything to make this political season less mundane...

It's days like this that make me rethink my decision to study computer programming.

On the bright side, I just discovered the Debug.Trace module in the "base" package. FML.

Not exactly sure why I feel unproductive on software development today; but that calls for some reflection.

I guess it's just a variety of activities competing for limited cognitive resources. Ah, economics.

I guess today, empathy with various fragments of society... colleagues from projects past and present... wins over analytical machination... :-S

Avast, memories of people... get out of my mind... I need to work :(

Was reminded to use type-signatures as documentation, more often. Also learnt to use type signatures to demand evaluation within specific monadic contexts.

House cleaning, linen washing, and car repair day tomorrow. #OccupyBed

Not enough sex on this blog, you say?

Try this.

It turns out that a lot of people on my Facebook account know who Stoya is. I didn't. Also, this is probably the first porn I've watched for entertainment, in years.

There, I think I got it all in one photo. Sex, tech, and mergers...

Sasha? Stoya? Who? Why don't I know much about porn? #impossibru #nerdishKiasuism


Meat, metal, moneh, etc.

Awakened by hunger. Washed. Optimising my route for the day.

"Noooo! Don't buy companies to fill business gaps! You need meat first!! People you can retain," is what I said to my friend, who asked about buying a software company to fulfill his company's enterprise IT infrastructure.

Love is a hacking cough, on a cement floor, in the rain.

Rainy day at the cafe. Meditative hour before the next meeting. Clicks and clits. That's geek life, I guess.

Traffic and coffee. And raindrops in the air.

To do unlikely things with doubtful tech, you run a tech startup; to do unlikely things with doubtful meat, you run any startup.

"You can't retain people in the long-term by paying them more - you have to get them to love you," is what I told my client at our first meeting today, with an emerging member of the local scene.

I still find it cute that many spend their lives pursuing difference. I don't have a choice about being different, and regularly flee it.

Which puts me in the strange position of working for a third-wave coffee operation... via the motivation of wanting to be more ordinary.

“How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow.”

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is full of great quotes for software developers.

Also find it cute when ageists associate priorities with age groups. I've been complaining about juvenile peers since I was 15.

Pleb humour cracks me up... so long as I'm not trying to hear myself think... but if I am, I guess it's annoying.

Done with some majorly gunky refactoring. Heading home, to break, then back to coding.

Ah musicians - I haven't listened to people who can discuss theory in years, perhaps. Maybe need to get out more.

Dear cafe owners with loyalty apps using QR codes.. you do realise that I can photograph the QR code and reuse it infinitely thereafter?

I find that pretending to be an introvert is a great way to hide the fact that I'm bored.

Running around with a measuring tape. This is so much more stimulating than desk jobs :P but contracts later. :(

Module structure officially refactored to the point where even I don't understand it. Hopefully, in good time. Meanwhile, good night.