On Coolness

As soon as someone refers to something as being "cool," in the minds of those who do not care for coolness, it immediately becomes "kitsch." This is but one example of how modern aesthetic categories are used to indicate political hierarchies. Everything that classical texts like Zur Genealogie de Moral refer to is applicable here - you generally swap out the analysis of how religious language evolved, with an analysis of how the language of aesthetic critiques evolves. Coolness, in this sense, is political in the same way that religious language is political.

The longer I listen to people talk about what is cool, and what is not, the more I grasp the concept that coolness is a currency of the aspiration yet skill-less aesthete. The economically unencumbered individual has less incentive to avoid kitsch, as the word "kitsch," simply functions as a mark made by the unencumbered upon the encumbered individuals who aspire to disencumberment. Indeed anything that the masses refer to as kitsch, which is then publicly endorsed by a celebrity, stands a decent chance of gaining reference among the masses, as cool.

At some point in the 1940s it was a minority subculture to be hep, or hip, meaning that you had a good sense of jazz music at a time before most people knew what jazz music was. Since the 1990s, of course, those who identify with hipsterism have all but regurgitated everything that is old, bringing nothing new from any decade, in fact, seeming to function purely as a niche term for "yet another subculture," or "post-boho-boho."

What is cool, is not a question, but a choice. And the easier it is to predict someone's choices, the easier it is to anticipate their sense of cool. And that is what players do.

Another Saturday

Up. Food. Then to work. I've caught up to 11-Feb-2011.

Caught up to June-2011. Off to a friend's barby for a bit.

Paring back on commitments to future delivery of services for the coffee shop. Things seem to be stabilising, and I need to maximise the ratio of kinesthetic to semantic computation required by this job. Readjustments always possible in the future. A pay cut may be in order. #noFrillsBarista

Meet chicks. Tell them I'm "waiting" to work as a barista - otherwise jobless. Watch their faces change. This is why I love the game. :)

Down to 11-Nov-2011.

Well, annoying as this author is to some people, at least now I know he thinks about sensation the same way I do. Somewhat. Ok, well, I'm annoying too...


Pareto is like a hammer; just about anything can be used as a hammer. #folksWhoActuallyNeedMBAs

page 72. we're 50% done... #thirdwavecoffee #anthropology #secondarySources

Most of the time, too much insight is not a useful thing.

Oh good grief, I'd forgotten how much faster it is to surf the web using GWT.

Bought some cucumbers and tomatos. Back to reading.

I think I just got blocked from a blog, for reading it too quickly... there's a first time for everything.

Only 56 pages left to go. I'm enforcing a break.

Thought of slapping together an OKCupid profile, but having too much fun listening to Haydn to actually DO anything... #FTSforNow

Discovered Benton Sans.

Going to watch the Google I/O keynote, since I can't find a properly detailed list...

It just occurred to me that I can't just sit here for a week and watch ALL of Google IO -_-

Love & the Gamblin' Man

The older I grow, the further away my goals seems, for the older I grow, the less time remains, despite certain progressions towards the arbitrary goals which define my career.

Today was a dreary day at work, involving the entertainment of many conversations regarding decisions outside of my immediate control. Also, it's Friday night, and I was just going to repost last Friday night's story, but on the drive home, I thought about where I am, and arrived at the following concept.

Two-and-a-half years ago, I began seeing someone in an intimate sort of relationship. It might have been a him or a her, but that shouldn't really matter, so for the purposes of this retelling, I'll just refer to it, as it. When it and I got together, I had no realestate (I preferred to rent), no car (I preferred to walk), and no steady job (I was a contractor, about to drop a client whom I had been servicing for 22 months). Whereas at the time, I had some cash savings, and clear, long-postponed, intentions to take a year off to focus on certain career interests: the studies of computer programming, mathematics, and statistics, within my broader interest in machining intelligence itself.

As things progressed it appeared that differences in our interests, some material, some otherwise, were generating friction within our relationship. I never took a full year to purely focus on my career interests, nor did I completely stop pursuing them during this time - instead I attempted to juggle my various studies while patching this relationship.
In the world of computer programming, these might have been referred to as "monkey patches" - localised fixes within a broad system, fixes which might even have contradicted each other, thereby behaving like a nation afflicted by guerrilla warfare.

In the industry slang, "guerrilla patches," mutated to "gorilla patches," and then to "monkey patches."
So I spent time trying to close the gap, taking jobs for cash, obtaining a car, and once getting a car, beginning the legal hoopla of purchasing a piece of realestate which I could afford. Over this time, these, and various other stressors resulted in the consumption of my cash savings.

Over the course of these years, I treated its happiness as a indicator of performance, which sometimes I was more, and something I was less successful at maximising. It never seemed truly happy, except in the first few days of this relationship, and those were the days which became my benchmark for success, within this project. Well today, for the first time since I became deeply involved with it, I received a message that it had discovered a new avenue, with significant potential for achieving what I would consider success within this project (as my project, not its). I felt tremendously relieved. This is now a portfolio I now consider frozen, until further news emerges.

I now have minimal cash savings, a mortgage to fulfill, a cash job that promises to be fairly dreary (while providing a nice complement to my career interests), a car I don't really want (except that I need it for my job), certain progression in my career, and no ongoing relationship projects. I then think of this all as a game. I think of my resources, projects, and interests as cards that were in my hand. Various cards have been played over time and some, including it, have left and returned to my hand, over the years; any cards may yet leave or return. I hold a different hand of cards from what I held two-and-a-half years ago. I wonder what will next come into play.

Also, I wonder if I should have less frequently played the cards of earning money, owning a car, and owning realestate, and more frequently played the card of reading it bedtime stories.

On with the game...


Nervous Wrecks

I hate nervous wrecks. I hate myself when I'm a nervous wreck, and I hate other people when they are nervous wrecks. Nervous wreckage gets nothing done. I also wish people wouldn't ask for sex when they're drunk; it's not cute - it's legally ambiguous, and just reminds me that many people are nervous wrecks about many subjects without psychotropic inputs. Fuck nervous wrecks.

Ok off to purview pastry in Bangsar; and to align the team's marketing approach.

More team building exercises.

Killing time hooking up local political data source with would-be civilian quants. Onward, for science! LOL
TIL malaaaamm Jumaaaat! It means we're fucking tonight.
Apparently, it is explained to me, the reasoning behind that one is simply attributed to Islam (at least, in this part of the world).

Not quite sleepy. Clearing some reading.

So relieved. One portfolio frozen for now.

We have a tactical emergency. No plans for Friday night. What to do, KL, PJ, TTDI??

Facebook is finally striking me as a sufficient substitute for DeviantArt.



Figured my current (75th percentile) fast lane market value at 15 - 30 units; currently asking 18 units. Meanwhile chilling on with life in the slow lane. :)

It's nice to have a cost of living below unit, which is roughly where Malaysian minimum wage lies.

I do often wonder, where my marketable value will head, so long as I'm out of the fast lane. I don't suppose I care too much about that, however.

Marketing Bullshit

The fake marketing bullshit, is what a marketer itself does not believe; the real marketing bullshit is what a marketer itself does believe; at the end of the day, all beliefs are bullshit, but for most people, that's too bitter a pill to swallow; so as marketers, we tell people that their lives have meaning; we tell them that it is cool to be different; we tell them that it is worth doing something with their time; we tell them that it is cool to live life with purpose; but at the end of the day, the reasons for life itself are marketing bullshit; and the simple truth is, that most people can't live without it.

Think (happy thoughts) as if your life depends on it, because it probably does.

This epigram came up as a personal reflection, after an evening of strategising with clients about how to brand a new business. As honest as we want to be, we are making it up along the way; as pretentious as we force ourselves to be, to do so remains a truth to one's more-daring self.


Coffee + Food Pairings?

This is another blatant #lazyweb post, that basically takes top hits for the keywords off Google.


More depth

Wine & Cheese!

Now for the really fun stuff...

Chef-like people doing their thing

"Pairing Food & Coffee With Chef Victor Barry," in which men discuss certain foods to be paired with a citrusy coffee, and an earthy coffee, beautifully plated, and videographed.

"Coffee and Food Pairing," by Chef Scott and Major Cohen, in which two blokes go into a slightly more technical analysis of their rationale for pairings.

... in which Gail Hall explains "high coffee." (This is actually a better video that the caption might suggest.)

Techie talk

"Science Behind Food Pairings," goes even deeper into the technicals. Love.


Watch these, afterwards

"Interview: James Chatto on Pairing Coffee," a writer wades in.

"Dessert Pairing with Community Coffee Company," in which a bloke pairs coffees with desserts that... basically have the same flavour? I'm not so sure if that's a good or bad thing, myself.

Coffee + Tobacco

... in which some very confusing opinions about coffee emerge. You've been warned. This one is clearly, off-topic for third-wave coffee nerds.

Marketing? Meaning?

I've improvised around the question, "what is marketing?" This post is formatted as a magazine - it is mostly content that others have published on the Internet. I've added a recommended order of reading, and some commentary on what each piece is about. I've picked out one view from each author, and quoted it like this:
If you're skimming this article, just read all the quotes.
Some of the views below are blatantly narrow, and contradict other views below. If you're looking for an overarching summary, skip down to the "textbook," definitions. Otherwise, I begin with definitions which I hope are more accessible.
  • For small businesses

    Getting someone who has a need, to know, like, and trust you.
    The Most Important System for Your Business: A Marketing System - an Interview with John Jantsch - this is a 12 minute interview. If you have 30 seconds to read a partial transcript of (quotes from) the interview, click here instead: Marketing Is Not an Event or the Idea of the Week
  • Probably not-"sales"

    While marketing drives and supports sales, it is usually someone else's job to close the deal. Marketing, at its core, is about developing the strategies and tactics that support achieving an organization's goals by building relationships with prospects, customers and the public.
    What Marketing is NOT summarises Heidi Cohen's view on the matter, following her post on 72 Marketing Definitions. (Relatedly, consider these 22 Best Marketing Quotes at Forbes. The ones by Drucker are probably more useful.)
  • Communication of value

    Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling the product or service. It is a critical business function for attracting customers.
    Marketing, on Wikipedia.
  • Marketing vs. Branding

    "Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical."

    "Marketing unearths and activates buyers. Branding makes loyal customers, advocates, even evangelists out of those who buy."

    "Branding is as vital to the success of a business or non-profit as having financial coherence, having a vision for the future, or having quality employees."
    The Difference between Marketing and Branding by Tronvig Group, helps get one started on this oft pondered angle of the issue.
  • If you do it for a living

    It goes without saying that the basic skill is marketing itself. Understanding concepts such as
    • brand equity,
    • customer lifetime value,
    • brand knowledge structure,
    • brand image,
    • and brand salience
    are essential. Equally, technical knowledge of market
    • research,
    • pricing,
    • segmentation,
    • integrated marketing communications,
    • and what metrics are applicable
      • under different circumstances
      • and how they are applied,
    are (or should be) a marketer's stock in trade. But there are two additional sets of skills that are now vital to the future of any marketer who has board ambitions and wishes to rank equally with executives in finance, production, and operations:
    • accounting
    • and finance.
    What Marketing Is Not by Dr. Roger Sinclair, opines that marketing is not a profession, but that it is a business function, which probably relies muchly on educated instinct and then makes some recommendations about how to approach this stuff if you wish to become a "career" marketer.

    (I added the bullets. Also, one could reasonably see how either education or instinct alone, would be probably insufficient.)
  • A classic approach

    the 4 'P's:
    • product - the specific features and benefits of the product
    • place - where and how the product is sold
    • price - setting the right price in each market
    • promotion - using the most suitable form of promotion to reach customers
    Google turned that up in The Role of the Marketing Function, a broader case study of how Red Bull gets what it does, done through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • A textbook definition

    This would probably be most helpful for engineers, scientists, and anyone who tends towards systematic thinking. (I'm partial to this approach, myself.)
    ... the marketing concept.

    "The central idea of marketing is of a matching between a company's capabilities and the wants of customers in order to achieve the objectives of both parties."

    The marketing concept, as opposed to the marketing function, implies that all the activities of an organization are driven by a desire to satisfy customer needs
    This unidentified Elsevier textbook then going into a detailed layout of the concepts and systems subsumed under marketing, according to its paradigm. The following seem to be supporting documents, but I haven't figured out the title/ISBN of the parent text. On The Marketing Function and an Introduction to Marketing Communications
  • Another textbook definition

    Marketing consists of the strategies and tactics used to identify, create and maintain satisfying relationships with customers that result in value for both the customer and the marketer.
    Definition of Marketing in the longer tutorial on What is Marketing at KnowThis.com
Lots of people are already doing marketing or aspects of marketing, without talking about it in the same way as others. This post intends to address the problem that occurs when we use different language to talk about the same thing, and miss all of each other's points. This post may serve the secondary function of being a crash-course in marketing for pre-MBA first-time business owners.


Amidst a train wreck of comprehension, it seems that the thing to do is to draw the student back to the problem. If the problem cannot be found, then there is no urgency for comprehension.

I guess we really don't need to do marketing, if we don't have top-line targets.

Beginning to feel like a really dead month. Lots of action, but nothing original for weeks.

Important meetings. Gratuitious attendence. Gah.

2am. The stream outside is really heavy. That means it must be raining up in the hills. Indeed, the mist is impermeable.

I'm going to chase a relatively fixed target by returning to reading that blog.

Time to up the bar. (Revert to normal speed, is more like it.) Let's see if I get through that blog by end-May.

Reduced backlog of reading to 117 from 145. Dinner time...


GE-13 commentary improves 10x in as many days?

Whither TwoTwentyTwo?

This post follows up on various mumblings from various voices about how Malaysia should have more of the quantitative insight that was available to the public in the United States, around the 2008 and 2012 general elections in the United States. In particular, the popular polling aggregation website FiveThirtyEight by Nate Silver has been used as an example of what would be nice to have in the Malaysian political environment.

Well, if you want that, you first need to understand,

what it is:

Educated guessing...

Or, in loose parlance, science. Or quantitative analysis involving statistics. Or probabilistic logic, what have you. It's just a bunch of operations on data. Which brings me to the next point.

... based on data...

They have loads and loads of data, for this sort of thing, over in the States. A lot of the data comes from polls. I'm not sure what the good data sources are in Malaysia, at this point in time. Maybe there will be more, next time.

... that is available to the public...

Obviously, any political party worth its salt has its own research unit for obtaining data which gives it a competitive advantage. Don't expect these data sets to be floating around for free.

In Malaysia, the only decent published polls data which seems to be professionally* produced is by the Merdeka Centre for opinion research. (* I would have said "I use this term loosely," but really I don't even know what I'm talking about well enough to say that.)

For example, here's a report that the Merdeka Centre published shortly before the last general election in Malaysia, with 1600 samples. Of course, the report is a summary, and what you really want is to beg, borrow, buy, or steal their raw, unabstracted data, so that you can run additional analyses on it.

... that is in context...

Preferably, anyone processing data wants that data to be fresh. Doing periodic surveys could eventually yield further insight about the effectiveness of various political campaigns, on various demographics. Time series are lovely, if you know what to do with them.

Also, the "experimental design," or identification of what characteristics of respondents are noteworthy will determine the available meta-data for each sample, and therefore its availability for intersection with other data sets, past, present, and future.

... that exists.

And the only thing stopping it from existing is... itself, open for discussion.

Fucked Love

Just one of those relationships that doesn't seem on when it's on, or off when it's off. #foreverConfused

Not "complicated." Undefined, is more accurate. Which makes its description to third-parties essentially: a list of its historical events, and their potential impact on future decision.


If it's complicated, but defined, then,
though you can't say "it's a loan," you can still end up describing it as a "if A happens then B, but until then C, and also D except in the event of E."
If it's undefined, then,
you end up with terms such as, "A happened, B was agreed on, C happened next, now D, and if in the future E, then F, but if G, then probably H except in the event of I."
Fuck love, lol.

There's actually nothing operationally bothersome about this, except that most people are not used to thinking about relationships in purely descriptive terms; most terms used to refer to relations have normative connotations. So getting them to understand this sort of thing is tedious.

Elsewhere, we were discussing mobs and how they correlate with losses of aggregate intelligence.
the emergence of leaders is tautologous with the emergence of followers :P
Political preference has got less to do with how smart one is, and more to do with what one cares about. Without going up the anus of defining what it is to be "pro-'party X'",
I'm pro-BN, and I'm one of the smarter people I know.
Really, I just care to have the country work to a very minimum quality, without me having to be involved in its management. My standards are, unfortunately, low. Beyond that baseline, I can appreciate developmental improvements, and am happy to describe the ones I'd like to see... and even to put some effort into making them happen... but geez, don't expect to care if they do/do not happen.

Unless of course, it's my job to do so, in which case I will own it. (The job, not the country - though having both at once seems appealing.)
BN has a budget to hire pretty smart people to do their comms campaigns... for the amount of money they spend though, those are still pretty shitty campaigns!!!

(Or rather, they should be using their budget to cheat smarter, so that they can spend less on great comms campaigns that try to mask an obvious cheat... hah.)
Expecting my 70yo self to regret that my 20yo self spent too much time at day jobs, and not enough time at math and politics.



Going to focus on housekeeping for a couple of hours. Maybe that will make me feel better.

If you talk about "big data" with data sets smaller than a terabit I WILL CUT YOU.

"you've got commas, and then a dot at the end," - computer language designed by a Brit #erlang

On regretting my lack of involvement in professional science: I'm still more interested in writing software that can discover new physical paradigms, than in doing the latter myself.

Hello Facebook timeline layout of 2007 - it's been a while...



One may drink water from stemmed glasses for mere prettiness; but if it makes the student pretend, then one must throw the glass away. Confusion is only useful in teaching a market that is already too sure of itself. A virgin market requires clarity. Its products should be so worded.

I mean, the main reason wine seems to be aytas in this country is because it costs 6+ hours of minimum wage per bottle, versus less than 1 in the USA or Australia. I'm personally interested in using Malay names and tossing all the Italian. Heh.

What is kitsch? Could it be,"COE big gulp" ... or "tapau COE peng satu!"? Wouldn't THAT be "normal"? Can we call espresso "lelaju," or is that word taken?

'Espresso' and 'barista' would translate to 'expresso' and 'bartender' - but 2nd wave coffee snobbery has doomed the industry to use only the Italian. But this is Malaysia, right, so if I had the budget to rewrite the script completely and target the Malay market, I'd do a pop-up coffeeshop with everything in Malay. The question then would be "aytas baku Malay", normalspeak Malay, rempitspeak, or some other lexicon... such a huge market, warm, wet, and open.

Underslept, and finding just enough to do to stay awake all day. Hurry up world, slow me down...
Holy shit, this is the most mathy coffee article I've seen to-date (can't say I've seen too many, or been reading for very long).


Ok, I'm not sure if everyone got that.

Anyway, a number of recently enthusiastic "champions of democracy," whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, don't seem to be aware of the depth to which the ruling coalition has done, and continues to do, a damn good job of whatever it is that political parties are supposed to do.

Exhibit 1:

Triumph of the Machine

This is an article which skims the surface of what I tend to think of as UMNO's "house church" or "splinter cell" organisational structure. If you're trying to engage rural audiences in Malaysia, off the top of my head, you can't do much better than this. This is the gold standard. Or rather, the full-blown machine is, and that is not detailed in this article. To know what that is, you need to talk to your friendly neighbourhood politicos. Don't know any? Hmm.

To be honest, it really pisses me off when I hear people larking around in their city chit-chat, complaining about city councils rooting up their pretty little flags, and talking about change, when really this is what they should be thinking...

Sorry. But it's true. You [expletive]s.

Exhibit 2:

just a routine announcement on Facebook

I think this needs to be translated into English for the majority of people who actually need to read this. I'm going to take a stab at that, but will incorporate edits as feedback comes in. Bear with me - my grasp of Malay is horrible. The text on the left is lifted verbatim from the author's Facebook page, at about 0430 hours on Sunday, 12 May, 2013. On the right is the (ongoing) translation.
Muhyiddin Yassin · 17,677 like this
5 hours ago ·


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


In the name of God, the most merciful, and most loving.
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be with you.
Bersyukur kita ke hadrat Allah s.w.t. kerana pada hari ini UMNO menyambut ulangtahun yang ke-67. Ulangtahun yang disambut pada kali ini amat istimewa kerana Barisan Nasional baru sahaja mencapai kemenangan dalam Pilihanraya Umum ke-13. Kita bersyukur kerana rakyat sekali lagi memberikan mandat kepada Barisan Nasional untuk menerajui negara bagi tempoh 5 tahun akan datang.We are thankful to God, for on this day UMNO celebrates its 67th anniversary. The anniversary that we celebrate this time is very special because Barisan Nasional has just achieved victory in the 13th General Election. We are thankful because the people have once more given Barisan Nasional the mandate to lead the nation for 5 more years.

Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih dan tahniah kepada seluruh jentera dan penyokong parti yang telah bekerja keras untuk memastikan kemenangan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Hasil komitmen anda semua, kedudukan UMNO semakin bertambah kukuh dengan kejayaan kita meningkatkan jumlah kerusi parlimen yang dimenangi daripada 79 kerusi dalam PRU-12 kepada 88 kerusi. Di peringkat DUN, kerusi yang dimenangi oleh UMNO juga telah meningkat daripada 238 kerusi kepada 241 kerusi. Selain itu, kita juga telah berjaya merampas semula negeri Kedah daripada pembangkang di samping mempertahankan semua negeri yang dimenangi dalam PRU-12.
I take this opportunity to wish a million thank-yous and congratulations to the entire machine and supporters of the party who have worked hard to ensure the victory of UMNO and Barisan Nasional. As a result of all your commitment, UMNO's position is firmer in our success at increasing the total parliamentary seats that were won from 79 seats in the GE-12 to 88 seats. At the level of state assemblies, the seats won by UMNO rose from 238 seats to 241 seats. Aside, we also succeeded in retaking the state of Kedah from the opposition while defending all states that were won in the GE-12.

Kemenangan ini memberi peluang kepada UMNO untuk terus berbakti kepada negara di samping berusaha meningkatkan kepercayaan rakyat. Kita sedar bahawa setelah 56 tahun menerajui negara, UMNO dan BN berhadapan dengan pelbagai cabaran yang muncul bersama peredaran zaman.

Hari ini, hasil usaha yang dilaksanakan oleh UMNO dan BN untuk memajukan bangsa, telah lahir ramai golongan kelas menengah Melayu yang berpendidikan tinggi, berkerjaya dan tinggal di kota-kota besar. Golongan ini berhadapan dengan realiti baru kehidupan sebagai masyarakat bandar yang jauh berbeza dengan zaman awal penubuhan UMNO yang lebih tertumpu kepada masyarakat desa dan luar bandar. Golongan kelas menengah Melayu perlu disantuni oleh UMNO kerana mereka merupakan pasak kekuatan UMNO yang baru.
This victory gives UMNO the chance to continue serving the nation while making every effort to increase the faith of its people. We are aware that after 56 years of leading the nation, UMNO and BN are faced with various challenges that accompany changing times.

Today, UMNO and BN's effort to develop our race, has birthed many middle class Malays, who are highly educated, endowed with careers, and living in large cities. This group is faced with new realities of life in urban society that differ greatly from early times of UMNO's formation that were more focused on village and rural society. The Malay middle class must be addressed by UMNO because they are UMNO's new linchpin and strength.

Selain itu, generasi muda juga merupakan kelompok penting yang perlu didampingi secara lebih dekat oleh UMNO. Citra dan pemikiran mereka berbeza dengan generasi awal UMNO yang telah membina asas serta mencorak halatuju perjuangan UMNO selama ini. Dengan mendampingi golongan muda serta mengajak mereka untuk bersama-sama berjuang di dalam UMNO, parti kita akan mendapat suntikan semangat dan idea-idea baru untuk terus memperkukuhkan perjuangan UMNO seiring dengan peredaran zaman.

Untuk itu, proses peremajaan UMNO perlu berlaku dengan lebih pantas. UMNO perlu membuka ruang yang lebih luas kepada generasi muda, kumpulan profesional dan golongan kelas menengah Melayu untuk bergiat secara lebih aktif di dalam parti. Bukan sahaja kemasukan mereka ke dalam UMNO mesti kita alu-alukan, malah mereka perlu dibimbing untuk mengambil peranan yang lebih besar di dalam parti dan seterusnya menerajui parti pada masa hadapan.
Aside from that, the younger generation is also an important cluster that must be accompanied most closely by UMNO. Their identity and thoughts differ from UMNO's early generation that built foundations and set the direction of UMNO's struggle so far. By approaching the youth and inviting them to persevere together in UMNO, our party receives an injection of enthusiasm and new ideas to further strengthen UMNO's efforts in these new times.

In order to achieve that, the "en-youth-ment," of UMNO must happen more quickly. UMNO must open broader spaces for the young generation, professional groups, and middle class Malays to participate actively in the party. Beyond welcoming their entrance to UMNO, they must also guided to take a larger role in the party and subsequently lead the party in the future.

Justeru, UMNO perlu melalui satu proses transformasi politik yang lebih komprehensif dan radikal untuk menjadi sebuah parti politik Melayu Islam dan Malaysia yang lebih dinamis, inklusif dan berwawasan agar UMNO lebih universal dari segi perjuangan namun tidak lupa objketif asal ia dilahirkan.

Parti-parti yang menjadi komponen dalam BN juga perlu melaksanakan proses perubahan yang lebih besar untuk mereka diterima oleh semua kaum di negara ini. Mereka perlu lebih peka untuk membina parti yang lebih berpadu serta membina kerjasama strategik dengan UMNO agar BN disokong dengan lebih kukuh oleh rakyat Malaysia .
Therefore, UMNO must undergo a comprehensive and radical transformation to become a political party for Muslim Malays and Malaysia that is more dynamic, inclusive, and visionary, so that UMNO becomes more universal in its efforts without forgetting the foundational objectives of its birth.

The component parties of BN also must implement a greater change process in order to be accepted by all this nation's communities. They must be more sensitive in order to build more united parties and to build strategic cooperation with UMNO so that BN is supported even more firmly by the Malaysian people.

UMNO mempunyai tempoh selama 5 tahun sebelum sekali lagi menghadapi pilihanraya bagi memperoleh mandat rakyat untuk terus menerajui negara. Pilihanraya Umum ke-14 akan menjadi titik penentuan penting kelangsungan UMNO sebagai parti keramat orang Melayu. Dalam tempoh yang singkat ini setiap peringkat kepimpinan UMNO daripada pusat, negeri hinggalah bahagian dan cawangan perlu bermuhasabah, melakukan pembetulan dan bertindak untuk memastikan UMNO dapat terus mengungguli perjuangan memartabatkan agama, bangsa dan negara yang tercinta.

Sempena ulangtahun UMNO yang ke-67 ini marilah kita menumpahkan taat setia yang tidak berbelah bahagi kepada parti. Marilah kita memberikan sokongan padu kepada Presiden kita YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak untuk terus menerajui parti dan negara.
UMNO has a period of 5 years before once more facing elections to obtain the people's mandate of national leadership. The 14th General Election will become an important tipping point in the implementation of UMNO as the sacred party of the Malay people. In this short time every level of leadership within UMNO, from core, to state, to division, to branch, must reflect upon itself, correct itself, and act to ensure that UMNO continues to excel in its struggle to uphold religion, race and our beloved nation.

On this 67th anniversary of UMNO let us focus on giving our undivided loyalty to the party. Let us give united support to our President, The Very Honourable Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak to continue leading the party and country.

Akhirnya, marilah kita berdoa ke hadrat Allah s.w.t. semoga perjuangan suci UMNO terus diberkati Allah. Kepada Allah kita berserah dan kepadaNya jua kita memohon pertolongan.

Salam perjuangan,

Timbalan Presiden UMNO
Finally, let us pray to almighty God that the holy struggle of UMNO continues to be blessed by God. To God we submit and to Him we ask for assistance.

In peaceful struggle,

Vice President of UMNO

I'm no historian of politics, and I definitely don't have the equivalent statement from the GE-12, but it seems like there's some unprecedented rhetoric here (please comment below, if you disagree with me).

Overall, here are points of interest I see:
  • UMNO is explicitly self-conscious of its operational rigour; still referring to itself as a machine
  • UMNO is already making strategic moves to retain agility in its demographic pursuits
  • UMNO is still playing its best hands, of race, and religion
  • UMNO is willing to move hard, and fast, barring internal conflicts; here we see Muhyiddin committing support to Najib while alluding to younger leadership in the near future
  • if you're with UMNO, things are not looking too shabby
  • if you're against UMNO, I hope you know your game as well as they seem to know theirs
Happy politicking. I'm certainly not an expert at these matters, but I try to keep up with the superficial rhetoric as it evolves. Whoever you are, reader, you should too.

It was a bit too early for bed, and I saw a couple of related articles online, so I tried try and roll them into one comment in this post.

Most people who know my (Malaysian) political leanings are aware of my position somewhere between non-voting-non-partisanship, and intellectual cynicism of anarchic proportions. They're probably also aware that my spiel, is that I read too much about Malaysian politics at too young an age, and basically just decided to stay out of it for two to three decades.

Meanwhile, after graduating from college, I did make a point of studying Malaysia more closely, at various strata, by hanging out with people from different walks of life, etc. So most of the stuff above is old hat to me.
Yes, they've been on track for a while. No, they aren't going to get off track... no, they're not unidimensional, yes, they're smarter than that.