Blender Notes


Default scale is 1 "Blender unit" to 1 meter.

The Python API for Blender 2.x uses Python 3.x.

The Python API is interesting and I look forward to learning the limitations of this.

Smoking Out the Romance

Stuck in a traffic jam, having forgotten that weekend rush-hours are different, I think about romance. Well first of all, where I'm coming from. I tend to be romantic like this:
But I tend not to be romantic like this:
I think about this a lot these days - given the boredom of this phase of my current job, I've been most recently entertaining myself by discussing love, sex, and dating with various parties, from co-workers, to supper-clubbers, old friends, their Facebook friends, and other acquaintances.

It's now nearing thirty years of being reminded that many who aspire to the second variety of romance tend not to like me. I'm the sort of guy who's got a rather cavalier attitude towards rituals and ceremonies that many people endow with much sentiment. For example, the following would not be an unusual utterance, in complete seriousness:
"I like you. Will you marry me?"
For not much more than that, of course, I've been kicked out of residences and sent for walks in the snow. I kid you not. It's just not a big deal to me.

Don't get me wrong - I've nothing against the act of marriage. I come from a traditional Christian family, and growing up, romance, sex, and marriage, implied exactly the same basket of affairs - at least in practice. So for what it's worth, since the age of fourteen or so, I've been consciously on the look out for people I would fuck / date / marry (in whichever order). I've had the good fortune to encounter a few people who also have appreciated my company, but none have seemed to work out for the long run, as partners in either closed or open relationships.

Another lover once said something like this, to me,
"if you ever find someone who really likes you, never let them go."
But that's the sort of thing that just doesn't work for people like me*. It shouldn't matter whether one's lover comes or goes, so long as it's within whatever agreement a pair has. One should simply enjoy their company. (* Assuming of course, that there are people like me, and I'm almost sure that there are - call it an act of faith.)

Cavalier. That completely sums up my attitude towards romance. And anyone who doesn't find that romantic, well then maybe, fuck you.

Just maybe. :)


Boredom Always Wins

Boredom within the parameters of a job always seems to result in the increase of entertainment costs. As soon as margins are negative, a job ceases to be bankable, and is resultingly self-destructive. Boredom is eternal. Boredom condescends. Boredom always wins. Happy Friday, everyone!

The main problem with boredom is, that it gives one nothing with which to hide from loneliness.

Algorithm for Using Networking Sites?

1) search by keyword

2) manually filter results for decent matches

3) send filtered results a generic message checking for mutual interest
If makers of social networks don't make this easier, one should write a crawler that helps.


Beings of a Certain Mindset

As sure as I am that I could make a machine that fully empathises, "gets," and communicates with the "magical," essence of emotionally self-absorbed people, I am likewise sure that it would not simultaneously be able to design itself. So, while I have yet to make such a machine, I must desist from attempts to empathise with emotionally self-absorbed people.

Of course, at a later point we could pair that mechanical state of mind, with another mechanical state of mind that is adapted for designing minds. We could even refer to the whole as a single mind, however at that latter point the whole mind would not be in full empathy with objects of consciousness which we may describe as emotionally self-absorbed people - only its first part would be.

So, my work, and certain lovers are mutually exclusive. By the laws of the universe, whether we call it logic, magic, or fate.


Hiring F&B Staff

Baristas and chefs may not seem like software developers ("engineers"), but I assure you, these fields are "crafts", so you should heed this (particularly the first sub-article).

How to Judge a Computer Programmer

programming is a craft; there's no profession because the environment around the craft changes too quickly for a stable definition to develop; the only way to judge a craftsperson is by the historical quality of their work.

Back in the day...

... I tested a) fundamental thinking skills and b) speed of learning.

(We might disagree about a) though.)

So to me, a) refers to very low-level (in the wetware) things like logical reasoning ability. For a LAMP web developer, I used to first test their ability to do SQL join statements. If they didn't know this, I'd test b) by teaching them the relevant SQL syntax on the spot, then changing the parameters, and asking them to rewrite the query. If they could do this, they were basically demonstrating that b) was good, so a) would never be a problem. If they had a) but not b) at least I could use them in the short term.

If they couldn't hack the SQL, I'd test a) again by using CSS selectors instead. Then I'd test b) with CSS selectors.

If they failed both a) and b) with both SQL joins and CSS selectors, I basically had the view that they would be useless on day one, and slow to pick things up in the future.

Also see this.


I intuitively subscribe to a legal hacker ethic.


In the Pits

... of boredom, and starting to do dangerously self-abusive stuff. 

Started offering to trade miscellaneous *sic* beautiful acquaintances: dinner for an interesting conversation. I'll buy. If any will bite. 

Call me queer, but I generally prefer analytical conversations with beautiful women, over sex with the same. #Economics #ouch

Grinding and Humidity

Lesson from the Sawada book:
Higher humidity
-> Beans have higher moisture content
-> Ground coffee is swollen
-> ... it is more tightly packed
-> compensate with by increasing coarseness of grind
And vice versa.



... righto. :-/

Staying Pro

Get in. Find problem. Fix problem. Get out. 

Ok. Focused. Again. For a while.