Current affairs

Why am I working for limited cash payment, on a coffee shop?
The subject matter is coherent with my long-term business interests. Terrible waste of time, but I don't need to spend my own money here.

When I get bored I talk to people about their feelings, I write stuff online to research how people on social media react to it, I play computer games, and I think of applying to jobs at management consulting firms, then I remind myself not to get distracted unless I am in the epitome of good health.

I tend to remember that my letters of application tend to read like letters of application for rejection, but you know, I don't see those jobs as being very important, and I'm quite frank about that. There's much better money to be made, even in this neck of the woods, but... the time doesn't seem right for it. Soon, one of these days... when I can't find anything else to do, the letters will go out again
The second and third paragraph are basically a summary of an article on Boredom which was all I cared to cook up, when asked to contribute to a literary magazine called New Village.

Update: as the next day ended, I thought...
Disgusted by everyone I met in the last 18 hours. Slightly worse day than usual. But there is always hope, so aversion of death. Tomorrow!
Nevertheless, upon reflection, I find that I am still more driven by curiosity than specific hopes of any sort...

Dead center of a 3 day weekend, and I'm starved for work. Keep calm and function, lest one forgets how to. Let's see what breaks first.
Scientific Method (1): an algo for the validation of info. Science (2): results from the pro community practicing 1. I'm more into 1, less 2

Body aches from squatting all day for a coupla days. Actually had to stop for a nap on the 30km drive home at 4am, after several games of DoTA. One of the better 72-hour periods this year. Actually had stuff to do.

Copywrighting on a construction site 1) dialled down the aggro on OkCupid 2) considering work switch from "generalist" to "brain" (for hire)



Live vicariously. It is cheap, fulfilling, and popular, as far as therapeutic actions are concerned. :)

Sometimes an investee tells you they're in stealth mode; then goes to the press with the next investor; and you think, hot damn.. good play!

Stuck on slow project. Often little to do at work. Insufficiently tired to fall asleep later. Stalking exs online. Writing bad poetry. DoTA!

Construction Company?

Does anyone know the "gotchas" of setting up a construction company in Malaysia?

I'm learning enough about construction to actually add it to my list of serious hobbies. Right up there with machine intelligence. Next: figuring out the chemical difference between acrylic, polypropylene, and polycarbonate sheeting...
Building skinny concrete, steel, and glass houses:
I almost know enough about construction to build one of these by hand... LOL. Probably'd just need to read up on civil engineering math for structural considerations, depth of foundations, etc. Main process: concrete and rebars... then learning to weld would be fun. Ok, now I just need to find a job that let's me afford that sort of hobby...


OkCupid - flipping self-summaries

Time for an update!
Good (?) news:

I like KPIs! It's like you meet the smartest people who know how to manage KPIs at their day-job, but don't understand the concept of KPIs in a relationship. Superlol.

I prefer not to cheat; I prefer not to tell lies; I can commit more or less to any required degree long as there's parity; I think that love is anything that people are willing to create, through an investment of resources; I have little (but not zero) fear of labour, poverty, solitude, and fear itself, so I guess I go well with partners who have less of those fears too. I completely agree with this: http://markmanson.net/6-toxic-habits

Bad (?) news:

I run a tight operation, and don't have time for secrets, or non-communicative behaviour.

Early warnings:
- I'm not a fan or adherent of filial piety for its own sake
- I analyse everything; if you don't like being analysed [uhoh]
- I may never have much money
- I have a cavalier attitude towards life and death

You should assume that I'm married to work. I'm a work-first kind of person. I only look for new dates when I'm bored - usually while waiting out slow jobs, or in between jobs.

Et cetera:

If you want to read further without sending me a message, then check out http://about.me/jerng

It'd be nice to have a lover to (literally) run with, daily. The farther the better.

Oh, and if you read MBTI, I'm an INTP... :) but I find that at work, being ESTJ gets things done a lot more effectively.

How I think / economise (?) about relationships:

I see relationships as operations, and if we can't agree that we want at least CMM level-3, I probably won't regard us as having much long-term potential. If you think love is a mysterious, magical, nonanalytical category... then we *probably* aren't going to work as lovers. But we can still be friends.

I prefer my relationships to be sustainable for long periods, because I rarely make time to find new ones. Daily chat, sex, and cuddling is fine by me, but daily looking-for-it just doesn't fit into my scheduling patterns.
And the replacement:
I have an active, diverse, and stable emotional life. Some company, however, would be pleasant. Sometimes I worry that I will forget how to relate to other people, so I study how they feel, and write #emoStory (-s) on Twitter. If you are unable to feel the way that you want to feel, without input from someone else, we may not be a good match.


I agree with: http://markmanson.net/6-toxic-habits

TMI: http://about.me/jerng


So this is what it feels like to deprioritise learning. No money, and no pleasure. But I wanted to try that, so here I am. Is this normalcy?
8.4/120 months down. Stay on target. Act as one who prioritises profits over education. It's a project. #normalDecade

What do you miss?

Someone was saying that you miss the feelings that a person gives you, and nothing else about the person. Feelings can be recreated.
Well, I know all that. I can make myself fall in love with an apple whenever I want to. But there's still humanistic value to doing what other people do.

That being said, I probably do mean the person being missed, not the feelings. Since feelings are easy for me to sythesise, feelings are of limited value to me - I have too many already. (People who find it hard to create/edit/delete feelings however, have a hard time getting into the discussion of these things. A lot of people lack the patience to learn how to deconstruct and reconstuct detailed emotions. So they can't.)

What do I miss? I miss the structures of bodies, minds, things like that. Concrete sensations organised in a particular way. But some people, if you tell them that's what you care about them, they don't like it, as they preferred it was the feeling that they made you feel. Haha... market cannot clear.

AHP Reconstruction

I wonder what I'll actually have left to work on, if I ever have time to get back to computational research. Looks like lots is being already. (Of course, there'll be lots to do... I just wonder what will be left.)