Someone should just troll Louboutin with a range of solid bright soles like the rainbow. Red is so over. Later they can ios7 it...
Most boring nine months in recent memory, but definitely not the most painful, or even remotely the hardest to execute. Just a lot of patience required. I wonder what's next.


A Coupla Days Ago...

Not exactly sure where to get analytics for Instagram hashtags, but I think we just went hockey-stick... #vcr, #vcrcafe, #karyaxvcr


Iced Latte "Indonesia"

Got a handful of positive reviews of this drink. You should try it too! Use GreenFields Fresh Milk - very specifically. The estate was Kuda Mas, and we guessed the doneness of the roast as we didn't have direct access to the roast profile. Flavour profile: chocolate surprise.

Espresso (Sumatra Mandheling, full city roast), 27s (6,3,14,4s at 3.8,7,9,7bar), 92.9C), over fresh milk from East Java, on the rocks. #win