If you have a bad memory and temperamental personality issues... and you drink alcohol regularly, I can only wonder if you care how that stuff works. :P


Koptiam 2.0

Time to reinvent the kopitiam. I need financing. Who's looking for investment vehicles in F&B? Ping me.

Let me know what you think: Kopitiam 2.0.
We run the drinks and own/long-lease the premises, and we rent space out to other chefs.
Drinks level = specialty espresso + mocktails/cocktails.
So you can see where this is going. But I'm going to need a shit ton of capital for it.
Also, it's a long-play - genre-breaking, so let's say 5-year exit.
And I'm positioning myself as the ideal curator - so I don't mind spilling the model as it's hard to do.

How much I need, depends on how much you want back, of course.

I think it's reasonable (pre-modelling) to expect that this will take at least 500 up front. Given that it would probably be unruly to have more than 3 executive partners, everyone else will have to be a passive investor (with some provision for voting to sell/liquidate the company). I'd propose all the small fry pool-up into holding companies, and we have a total of 2 blocks + myself = 3 executive directors on board, or something like that. Trying to make it easy for everyone.

So let's just guess that you'll need to rustle up a pool of some 150k to make it both easy + viable?

"Action breeds interest."
"I'm not hard-up for interest."
Because nothing is interesting, if it is easy. And so the world turns.



Was in the shower, graphing in my head the sizes of previous job billings by industry/sector. It seems that in total I've made most of my money programming computers, and obtained the highest hourly rate doing recovery/feasibility analyses of software projects, but probably added the most value to shareholders in non-technology pre-revenue startups.