Sleep Tweaks

0400: Circadian moving later as expected, due to recent assignments. May skip sleep and get up at first alarm (0615) to run an errand..This one is a year in the making - a thankless commitment -I need to return some keys. Then probably off to the office to study and nap.

1230: Circadian not so bad. Got in before 5am, and out by noon. Need to crank it back 3-4 hours, but we're doing ok. Time to feed, and hit the road! Whee!

Got in 90 minutes before shift. Had time to reqd and nap a little.

Aleph-null, the cardinality of the continuum (C), C^C, (C^C)^(C^C)... etc.

Code-switch to grindsize and other extraction parameters, pushing buttons on foodie brains in 40 minutes.

The next day: Late. Off the the pleblands. Where we turn our meat to the business of feeding itself.

Muses and Non-muses

One girl, whose name I don't know, we have seen each other now, at least twice. I like her smile, and raised eyebrows. I raised my eyebrows, back.

One girl, has amused me, for some fifteen years.

One girl, has amused me, for a year.

One girl, whom I apparently have not amused, for a year.

One girl, whom amuses an acquaintance.

One girl, whom has not amused any acquaintance.

[I could go on, I suppose, but this is just a notepad.]


Slow Year

Time to shirk more meaningless responsibilities. These keys are taking up too much space in my mind. These keys are going home. Near zero return on investment right there. Just a black hole. Zzz.
It seems like I can get through an entire day at work code-switching between channelling: T-1000, Tim Gunn, and Joan Rivers... lol.
Reduce, reduce, reduce, before the next big distraction.

30 minutes past target. Enforcing bedtime.

Why Study?

"Why do you study?"

"Fun. The same reason that bunch over there smokes up, and drinks, and pats each other on the back in a dark room over computer screens; the same reason that other bunch over there got hitched, and bred kids, and made themselves mad so that they could feel that they were finally stepping into their parents shoes; the same reason we all fuck around, and poo, and eat, and sleep. It's a life. You do it because you like it."
And if you don't like it, you fix it, or you get out. Hehehe.


Relationships are Work

SERIOUSLY. Woken up by the milk man's phone call - this is why I stopped bothering to help with management. :P

No time to fret about it. Spent the rest of the time while waking up thinking about how I wrap all human relationships under the umbrella project of "work", and so how that makes it nearly impossible for me to date anyone who thinks of "life" as "after work".

Back to work. Going for that RM50!
Evening studies fall around the concept of a Cartesian product.
Spent too much time on the monkey bar. Latte art wobbly at the coffee bar. Despite weakened state, managed not to get mugged, jacked, or raped, so I guess it was a decent day.

Wage work delivered. Back to studies. For a while.


Offline HTML LaTex Notebook

Well that didn't take more than a few minutes to figure out:
1. Download MathJax.

2. Unzip the files.

3. The MathJax directory contains a file at ./test/sample-dynamic-2.html which renders LaTeX as you type it.
I forked MathJax on GitHub, modified this file, and committed it, to make offline-draughting easier. LaTeX script on left, rendered LaTeX on right.


Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas, may Christ be with you, and a Happy New Year!

I don't celebrate much, myself, but I'll wish many people well this season, as I know it'll make them feel better.

Late. I'm always tired after a little work - I tend to give myself the excuse that it's the sort of work I do. Anyway, off to make some money... mostly, I don't expect to get more than an hour's work done today, before my shift starts.

Xmas eve:
Got pestered by boss to close shop early. Drove 13 miles home on wet roads. Lifted weights. Did laundry. Evaluated resources. Good day. Same shit, different day. :)
Back to work. God, I need to figure out how to use MathJax or equivalent, offline.
Late. Plan: shower, spring clean, feed, go earn my 50 bucks/day - worry about studying later. :)


Interesting day. Perhaps I should continue working out before work, and studying after, instead of the other way around.

Got scalded by 90+ Celcius water, but managed not to drop a brewing vessel. Met a chap from Koppi, where they roast very nice coffee. Got to brew my first two Stumptown Coffee Roasters pour-overs thanks to [colleague]'s sister. Learnt that we are underextracting the espresso blend via uber-long preinfusion (and I want to jack up the temperature some more tomorrow). Overall, a moderately busy day. We almost sold out of cake.

1:30am. Study time!
Boxing day:
Spent too much time on the monkey bar. Latte art wobbly at the coffee bar. Despite weakened state, managed not to get mugged, jacked, or raped, so I guess it was a decent day.

Wage work delivered. Back to studies. For a while.


Remedial Study of Proofs


Disproportionately proud of myself. This is very, very late homework. Like 10 years late. (I think I got it right - let me know where the mistakes are, if you see any.)

\(\forall x: (\frac{x}{2} \in \mathbb{Z}) \implies (\frac{x^2}{2} \in \mathbb{Z}) \)

"The square of an even integer, is always an even integer."
  1. axiom \(A\):
    \(\frac{x}{2} \in \mathbb{Z}\)

    "x is an even integer."
  2. axiom \(B\):
    \(\times\) (multiplication), an operation, is closed over the set of integers.
  3. lemma \(C\) \(\Longleftarrow B\):
    \(\forall y: (\frac{y}{2}\in\mathbb{Z})\Longrightarrow\left((\frac{y}{2} \times 2) = y\right)\in\mathbb{Z})\)

    "If y/2 is an integer, then y is an integer."
  4. lemma \(D\) \(\Longleftarrow B\):
    \(\forall z: (z\in \mathbb{Z})\implies(z^2 \in \mathbb{Z})\)

    "If z is an integer, then z squared is an integer."
  5. lemma \(E\) \(\Longleftarrow (A \wedge D)\):
    \(\left((\frac{x}{2})^2 = (\frac{x^2}{4}) = \frac{(\frac{x^2}{2})}{2}\right) \in \mathbb{Z}\)

    "(x^2)/4 is an integer."
  6. Theorem \(\Longleftarrow (C \wedge E)\):
    \( \left(\frac{(\frac{x^2}{2})}{2} \in \mathbb{Z}\right) \implies \left(\frac{x^2}{2} \in \mathbb{Z}\right) \)

If Implementation Includes Innovation

By definition, good implementation will turn-around a bad idea, into a good operation. Bad implementation will deliver nothing from any idea.