End of a long weekend. Car electricals failed. I suspect a faulty alternator cable... but who knows. Managed to park at a workshop, returned to office to sleep, and will find out how much I get ripped for in the morning. :P Meanwhile, hitting JobStreet before bed.
Well, it turns out that JobStreet geniuses have worked with every client employer to create microsites that essentially require redundant manual entry of personal data for every single employer. LOL. I give up. That didn't take too long.

(Well not really giving up - given that there are some 374 jobs listed there that provide sufficiently interesting numbers, I guess I'll just plough through them slowly whenever I am bored in the months and years to come.)
Up late, in the dead of the night, in a quaint little city. The city I was born, and grew up in, which for the last eight years has been my home. I wonder if my boredom will confine me here.

If you read books like people, and people like books, and don't really assume huge differences between one information system and another, then you tend to believe that few people also share your point of view. But you have to get along with them anyhow, that is commerce. The alternatives, uncivil force, abject asceticism, or mere death, seem relatively uninformative.

Update: alternator replaced. Reading up on engine oil. A number of forums recommend 10W30 grade oil for the Kancil 660cc, 1996.

Priorities. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

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