A lot of loitering with co-workers in the fashion industry after work. Not productive, but a good rest.

Several hours later, following a bit of jiggling the input variables, there was one final decent cup of Mandheling with a lingering sweet hazelnutty aftertaste.

Working with colleagues, I've pretty much figured out that we can brew (1) any dose, (2) at any non-stuck grindsize, (3) for whatever temperature and duration are required to melt all the sugars, oils, etc., (4) without over-extracting into roasty/bitter/shitty territory, (5) just by messing with tamping pressure, (6) possibly at the expense of higher extraction-yields.
Done with daily documentation. Need to crash before interviewing a prospective college student tomorrow. LOL.

The next day:

- took an interview
- gave an interview
- chatted with acquaintances about job hunting
- played itinerant recreational job hunter

Managed to take a nap at the reunion table. Most productive chinky new year evahhh...

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