Record Inefficiencies

11% of today spent on the road. So far, it's worth it. We've hit the big-time, baby...

Monday: 0700 out the gate - 0840 arrived - 100 minutes
Tuesday: 0640 out the gate - 0755 arrived - 75 minutes

Wednesday: cheat day
Thursday: MAJOR FAIL

Friday: 0605 out the gate - 0655 arrived - 50 minutes
(We're approaching the limit of 25 minutes!)
An hour late to bed. Got records to break tomorrow, if I can just get up on time... it's my off-day, but who'd want to break stride during training

Slacked off on cheat day.
My availability sucks: it's only gotten more constricted since it cost me the last relationship, haha. But one lives with one's choices. This is barely the beginning of busy.

Thu Jan-23. 0620 out. Jam starts 2.2km, odometer dies. 0735 arrived. 75 minutes. 
Fri Jan-24. 0605 out. Jam starts 3.2km, no odometer. 0645 arrived. 40 minutes.
100 minutes.
75 minutes.
50 minutes.
40 minutes. (today)

My $15 in daily sales was a lot cheaper to deliver today. We are officially cost-hacking this operation. Now rinse and repeat, and then maybe soon enough we can worry about growing sales.

First things first. Feed. Heading to my locker for some soylent right now. Meanwhile, keeping a close watch on the output from my autonomic nervous system. Running on three-ish hours of sleep today. :P

News reading. Barely enough time to pay the bills and stay in touch with the world at large. Hardly any time for science. :(

But today is just one of the slower days. There have been many faster ones, and there will be yet faster ones to come.

8am. Pack up readings. Time to feed (second time today). Caffeine was useful for a quick reading sprint through every syllable of a few paragraphs from the Wiki on the Archimedean property. Now, to parlour tricks and janitorial duties for the next ten hours - so far, still the perfect day job for staying healthy.

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