ZFC or Espresso: Which is Worse?

ZFC is kicking my ass.

That's for the ~2 hours of studying I average per day. Then I have to fold up my computer, and play battleships in N-dimensions with coffee beans.

Then they send us a four-bean blend. That's what, N-to-the-fourth complexity?

Not supposed to make sense. Going to bed now.

Good morning ZFC.

It's only a matter of time before I understand and cripple the ignorance between us.

Meanwhile... random job shopping later... let's see what's cool in F&B...
Small, roundish objects, made from milk and brown aromatic goo... that attract prebstergrammers by the boatload: infants, and lattes.

"What do you mean espresso smells like ass? Have you tasted ass?"
"Just go wash a baby."
Went looking for sensual jobs in F&B and ended up applying for a revenue management role in a five star hotel. LOL. Doing the right thing. Always shopping, and not waiting till I'm hungry.

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