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Hmm. Still cash-flow negative on the current gig. Not yet a problem - car still works. I was thinking about a woman that I love, which I couldn't afford even when cash-flow was greater - let alone now. Some day, perhaps, I'll be able to afford her. But by then, I might love someone else more - or I might already have contracted myself to another relationship. Who knows. The next thought I have is that many people do not make it a habit to think about their cares - these are plebs to anyone who analyses every feeling. Love is cheap. I can forget love. Time is fleeting. There is more to be obtained from uneasy endings. The endings that we can imagine are not entertaining. And that's the only reason to keep on living. To find out what we don't know about the world.
At work:
Q: What's your poison?
A: My poison is "being a smartass," unfortunately.
Worst case scenario, got a month before cash reserves are exhausted. Going to take full advantage of current operations to get some math learnt in the meantime. Back to ZFC!

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