On Dating Manic Pixie Power Suits

I don't seem to do the friends thing very well at this point in life. :) I have like time (etc.) for like one. Everything else is work. I wish i had more to give everyone. I don't know. It'll be easier to not miss you once I've got someone else to be close to. Not yet. Haha. I'm trying to minimise exposure to you, so that I don't think of you unnecessarily. I don't mind hanging out but we have nothing that we both like to do the same way, i guess. Otherwise i wouldn't have left. I just miss having the freedom to be with you, and we both know that's not on the cards. Maybe not one friend. I've been thinking that the only friends I've had time for have been lovers, and it just happens that I've only gone out with one person at a time. Haha. Sad.

You've chosen a way of life that allows for much social and commercial activity. I've chosen one optimised for entertainment via intellectual pursuit. You don't like smart asses of my variety. I'm evidently just trying to talk some sense into myself - i think about this all the time, but now here only because you appear, rare and superficial as it may br, to be listening. Which is, if I think about it, just a nice way to call you a ditz. I may need to put you in a little box called "ditzy ex" to better deal with us. I'm sorry if it amounts to making you sound stupid. Just remember that we wouldn't have hung out much anyway if I wasn't interested in having you as my girl. I stuck around as long as I did to try and make it work. I still don't believe it won't work. Which is why I need to try harder to believe that it won't work.

Back in the office now. Perfect time to dodge traffic. Hehe.

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