"So who's this princessa?"
"Princess. That's what she called the little kid."
"Oh, the customer. Not some woman you're seeing."
"They're all princesses. Faraway. Unapproachable."
"You lie."
"That's true actually - I just don't like breaking them."
"Do they break easily?"
"Well. If it's a pretty somebody with some personality, who doesn't seem to want to say what they want, you can just grab their hand."
"And then what?"
"Then you kiss her."
"Then what?"
"Then you fuck her."
"With consent."
"Only with consent."
"And then?"
"Talk. Which is fine. Unless it turns out that they expect you to feel something more than a physical connection."
"I'm a physicist. There are no non-physical connections to be had here."
"Wait, that depends on the definition of physical, doesn't it."
"Hell yeah."

And so the world turns.

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