Study Pattern

Or: an algorithm for reading.
Or: implicitly, why you shouldn't just read difficult texts, non-stop.

1) Start reading.

Minimum qualifying criteria for parse - morphemes are identified and committed to short-term memory either as entities in the sight modality, or as translated entities in the sound modality.

2) While reading, check for semantic stimulation.

2.1) While some understanding of the text occurs, proceed.

2.2) If rate of understanding does not meet rate of parse, slow down parse and wait for semantic processing to catch up, theb proceed.

2.3) If none arises, stop reading. Review morphemes that have been read (either by rereading, or from memory). Reduce distractions from sensory nervous system, and from sensorial imagination, until morphemes have been committed to longer-term memory. Slowly process the semantics of morphemes stored in longer-term memory before returning to 1).

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