Reading up on GHC, and learning C++ from MIT open-course-ware at the same time. It's an interesting time in life. Studying Haskell was an excellent primer for learning C++, because the former is both more rigorous in abstraction as well as more complex than the latter. The latter is full of exceptions, but otherwise ridiculously simple (like Lego, after all, except that there are shards of metal and explosives here and there). Writing the Hell framework was good training for the complexities of building programs.

Compiler flags. Linking, loading, object code, byte code. Enriching. Wondering if I'm in the right line, after all. To paraphrase pop-culture:
Every motherfucking computer language, on this motherfucking earth, ought to have a motherfucking wiki page, that is as motherfucking concise, as this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_syntax
Trying to read up on how they implemented '&' in C. I mean, what's the exact mechanism by which the compiler returns the address of the variable? Lower and lower we go...

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