I disagree with this. Emotions are simple. It is people who can't manage them, who are stupid. Maybe this remains an area to be proven.

But by the time I find time for it, they'll have resolved it too... at the rate I typically get around to these things.


My take on this ... [30,000 feet perspective, mind you ;)]

Most of the problems with AI to-date have been bad data-structures. For example, trying to get a machine to converse in common English without giving it a model of human emotion and motivation, and a model of social mores, is plain stupid... the dumbest approaches use pure text as the raw input data - that's like saying that a machine should be expected to learn how to write PHP by reading PHP scripts that work, and having no other knowledge of computers.

"Deep learning" is on the right track, in this respect, but it's not a new approach (see Princeton's WordNet, for example). [Expect Deep Learning to soon be the next Big Data in terms of business fads - go register a few domains now... ;);) ] But the comprehensive model is really about having a complete model of human sensation. emotion, and cognition... usually AI nerds are over-focused on the cognition without emotion, social consciousness, etc. So sure fail lah.

I already know when I'm getting bored of this problem:

1. they get to the point where passing the Turing test with open-sourced implementations is trivial

2. the machines are surpassing humans (as often as humans are surpassing other humans) in the fields of literature, art, humanities, mathematics, and physics - the whole formation and discover of new concepts as well, not just reiterating ones written by humans

3. at which point i'll probably definitely have just about enough energy to go run a coffee shop ;)


I don't think I have much to offer besides time for money - once you're working for someone else's research project, you're stuck with their mandates. Which is why I treat this as a hobby, and am happy to find a living elsewhere...

by the time I've caught up on my C++, Haskell, Erlang, stochastic calculus, and linear algebra... I hope to be able to give employers a run for their money, working in the field besides fresh graduates ;P


You can, with sufficiently "deep" learning, come to a model of emotions and human mores. In fact, people who navigate through life without actually feeling the emotions are called sociopaths. :P

Yes, I'd be happy with sociopathic computers.... it's better than these silly boxes we have around today ;) It's progress.

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