Optimise and reiterate.

And do absolutely boring stuff like hang out with old friends. So off to Bangsar I go...

Heading home. Bring on the C++ for Friday night... What a life...
(hmm... what happens if i do this...)

Serious question.

Anyone looking for a TECHNICAL CO-FOUNDER? Post your idea / product / company below.

(evil laugh)

This is followed on the forum by banter about perpetual motion machines, a startup-cofounder job board, and the archetypical co-founder ads there.

I think it's high time someone pitched a sentient machine to Ycombinator. 3 months and no distractions. Hmm. Since last weekend's hackathon I've been thinking to upload some open-sourced architecture proposals... just for discussion's sake, of course.
Human expectation is depressing.

Must find business case for startup to end it.

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