One thing is consistent over years and years. My level of boredom is correlated with the level of passion (any unequivocal preferences) of the people in my surrounding environment. There must be a business advantage to this at some point.

The best freedom is the absence of concern. To delete attachments to people, material requirements, and culture. Then you get bored, "aha, what a grand life this is, let me help others achieve it," but you will find that they despise this approach. So they cannot be just as free.

The challenge of life for one who is free, is figuring out how to help people without completely pissing them off from the get-go.

Such is life. It is a matter of curiosity.
Every day I look people in the eye and say, I feel your pain.

No I don't. I just want your money.


I don't really need it.

But I want it. It's the nature of the game for this period of my life.

It's interesting how we are all in business for different reasons.
Ultimately I find people predictable. The only thing that seems entertaining is to troll them all by building machines that are smarter than they are... hence my hobbies in that area.
If it feels like a prison, just remember your training.

Said every soldier stuck in a monkey-suit, ever.
A sad and boring day. Attempting to curate some personal development before shutting down, in an effort to be more productive tomorrow.

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