Tech is Boring. Long Live Tech.

We're in the middle of the second dot-com boom, and the time in between the first and second booms has given the masses a lot to think about. More than ever, many people are excited about technology, and tech-money, and all the cool shit that passes for content in all the cool forms that pass for media, these days. I'm over-generalising, of course - if I call contemporary content shit, it's just saying that all content ever is shit. At the end of the day, it's just information, pulsing through the meat that we call brains, and the fractals that we call civilisation. What of it? The most interesting thing to me, this evening, is not the tech, or the money, or the people. It's the fact that people are living in a renaissance and many think nothing of it. Take it from a guy who majored in the humanities (because the long arc of art does not find in most men and women beholders concerned). Things are changing really fast right now, I mean, in these few decades. It's not going to change this fast forever. It will slow down. There will be depression. Because humans are inclined to irrational bursts of speed, incurring emotional debt, and paying for it later. Such is life these days. Such is tech. Long live technology. I am just cruising along with it, watching the stars burn through their own meditations. Where to next. We'll find out tomorrow.

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