Darwin Award

Unknown email address:

x: So u go studying at US after SPM?

me: yup

x: How,u just took the SAT test?
x: How about the financial matter,u are self-sponsored?

me: Usapps.org ; good luck

x: Yea,I know USAPPS and have read almost all the things there.But I still hope that u answer me like are u self-sponsored?

me: What is the point of getting answers to new questions, when you have not yet fully acted on the answers you already have?

x: Come on guys,I just need some advice.

me: Do you home work, fool. The advice has been on each college's admissions office page (along with respective contact details) for time immemorable.

x: How much do u spend per year in US?

me: This is now going ot my spam folder.

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