Achived: Dating Profile

I talk too fast. I rarely lose my cool. My MO is to fix problems slowly, and systematically - so I'm into eating right, sleeping, and working out to feel better. (It's also how I tend to approach love and sex.) I tend to bore people with my breadth of interest and depth of detail.

I love getting work done - adding value to an operation is my idea of fun. Most people's games bore me. I'd rather be alone than in an overly emotional relationship. I could see myself in a relationship with a co-pilot... or mutual spotter... who enjoys cuddling, and building things, like software, and buildings, and food, and businesses, and music, and clothing... someone who really likes hard problems.

I like women. I prefer women I can work out with, women who run, bike, or gym. I don't care how old we are, as long as we're legal. I have no aversions to marriage - I view it as a legal contract, and it bears no emotional content to me.

I may need to swear off trying to love people who care about feelings. :)

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