Dumb Programmers

It's a bit strange. I'm sitting here in quiet room being a programmer. The pictures painted of it always seemed kinda dumb. I never wanted to be a computer programmer. I just went through life looking for harder and harder things to do, and eventually I ended up as a computer programmer.


[Following a friend's comment about having wanted to be a rock star when she grew up.]

As a very little kid, I thought that people who wanted to be rock stars when they grew up must be some kind of stupid. But in college, I did end up studying music a fair bit, spending at least my first year in the basement of the arts building. I still didn't want to be a rock star, but I met a few people who did.

addendum: Even thereafter, whenever I hear people talk about wanting/tobe rockstar programmers, the first thing that goes through my head is "is that a new kind of stu... oh wait, nevermind".

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