Coffee in Malaysia: Ideal Employer

Posted in a forum:

Anyone looking for a barman in August? I could be free. Based in Sungai Long myself, so Cheras/Kajang would be ideal, or nearer by.

The ideal business owner would be someone that looks like this:

- you're interested in specialty coffee (at least you think it's profitable)

- you think F&B is a no brainer, cash cow business (it could be otherwise, but you're very much aware how it is potentially like this)

- you like running businesses that are fully compliant with regulatory requirements

- you've got an appetite for fast business growth (doubling your headcount every 3 months - looking for ~200% quarter on quarter growth in revenue for 2-5 years, not averse to external investors, willing to expand regionally, willing to vertically integrate your value chain)

- you need a technologist who can help you execute this sort of growth plan (I've got a little experience in specialty coffee, process automation, venture funding cycles, and organisational development)

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