A tip I got from a hacker.

"Hi, read about your post in wckl jobs, i am not interested to apply but would like to give you some more info.

when you mentioned vbscript and asp, i guess many people will assume it is classic asp with vbscript which is in use around more than 10 years ago.

since you mentioned .net framework, i guess you don't want classic asp, but asp.net. But one thing, no one use vbscript for asp.net now, vbscript is not the same as vb.net.

The current programming languages for asp.net are vb.net and c#. c# is much more popular than vb.net though, so you need to decide which one to use.

besides, there are webforms and mvc for asp.net. however, please aware that microsoft just annouced asp.net vnext which don't seem to have plan for next webforms release. in my opinion, they favour mvc although their official response won't said so. you may need to decide which one to use and even mixing both(example: for the reporting purpose).


but there is one thing missing from mvc, the microsoft ssrs rdl/rdlc report viewer(which is only supported in webforms, there are some tricks to use it in mvc but not a single one provides complete solution). unless you use third party library like devexpress or telerik and use their reporting tools. crystal report don't have report viewer for mvc too. so, if you use mvc and need reporting, you may need applicants to have knowledge of devexpress or telerik(these two libraries need license fee). devexpress and telerik also have many other functionalities/controls for asp.net webforms and mvc.

and you may also require applicants to have knowledge of entity framework for orm, web api or wcf for api/webservice, signalr for real-time functionalities, and/or azure api.


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