Why RoR?

Debate topic.

"Why RoR? In general," a friend asked.

I thought, hmm.

"RoR has greatest community adoption, frameworks, infrastructure, documentation, specifically for rapid application development.

Ruby's got more succinct syntax than PHP, less rigid syntax than Python, and is sufficiently stranger than C to create a barrier to entry just high enough to discourage the lowest classes of noobs from going near it, while being scripty (high level, flexible, duck typed) to be on par in utility with PHP, Python, Perl, and JavaScript. It doesn't suffer as much as JavaScript does from semantic quirks - but at this point my knowledge of Ruby is quite shallow. Ask me again in a month.

Rails is a rigid framework, which means it lets you throw relatively useless coders into a very tight box, where they can focus on getting small things right.  Patterns like these are for managing teams. It's slow, but steady. Again, I'm extrapolating here based on my knowledge of CakePHP which started out as a clone of RoR - but has since diverged somewhat. "

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