Age, Quasi-seriously

Bored. Going home early is bad for professional productivity. Distracted by the memories of every lady I avoid. So before I start poking the machines again, I wonder, if making life harder for myself for a few years, because it was too easy before, was after all, the right thing to do. And of course I remember that active propping up of cognitive processes is crucial in the field. It's only been... 19 months of prioritising things that other people think are important, after 5-12 years of prioritising things that I think are important (depending on how you count). It's still early in the campaign. It's still easy to snap in and out of any mindset that I want to possess. I wonder if my training with serve me this well five or ten years from now. 30-some years of boredom, I was already worrying about that career path before I hit 20, and so far things have been ok. I'm just wondering about the next 30, and the 30 after that, and if I luck out on modern medicine and a decent lifestyle another 30 still. But these few years have taken a small chunk out of me, and I wonder what the cumulative stress of that investment will deal me in years to come. Tonight I rode my bicycle, wondering if I would tumble over a car and die.

Fire the databases...

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