US alumni meetups.

2nd year consultants who likely make over RM15k/month chit chatting with friends about how long ago graduation was. Eventually someone asks me if I think age is just a number, and I'm like, "well, I graduated in 2005; this morning I had less than than $100 in my bank account, and no job security; I'm having a perfectly good time, just like I was in college..."

I still miss the eighth grade, actually. That was the last time I had a cohort.


In response to a friend's comment:

I don't move when I get bored. That's negative stereotyping of millenials ;)

I only move when the (financial, informational, political) risk-return prospects are in my favour, and after I have fulfilled or exceeded contractual obligations.

I move faster than average because I have a higher tolerance than average for risk in starting work conditions. My high tolerance for unlikely success only works in favour of my employers. I take all the hits. :p I'm sure that is debateable, of course.

I think the main attribute that is true of millenial stereotyping comes closer to "I'm meritocratic, and feel no shame in exposing the inefficiencies of a system, no matter how bad it makes everyone else feel." Actually it's more an INTP/cynic thing, perhaps - makes good TV these days, from what I understand. Funny how people love fictionalising it.

What can I say - I'm just trying to make an honest living? If you can't find weapons of choice, become the weapon of choice.


At least at this gig I can afford to outsource laundry and transportation (i.e. rent and launder), so it gives me about 12 extra hours per week for work (and physiological maintenance, which improves quality of work).

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